Vincent D'Onofrio Do आप want the true story

laineyMcCarty posted on Jun 24, 2022 at 11:22PM
I am the only and last living with Jesse Woodson James and Billy The Kid William Henry McCarty Jr true bloodline. Are you interested , the historians have it so wrong. It's deep, emotional, truth is better than fiction. I would send you a letter. I will be willing to do FaceTime. I am the real deal. I would give you my phone but then it's open to the world. Facebook messenger fb is Elaine Knowles McCarty. Aka Brushy Bill Robert's is my grampa, yes the Kid. It's time truth be known, I need to be the voice of Aka Frank Dalton , Jesse and Billy. This is my blood. The true story is much more better exciting than the old dime store stories from the 1800s

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