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 Sexy Sasuke
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posted by SasukesBlade
So.. I have been devoted to Sasuke since I was 8 या 9 years old. I guess I just wanted to set this all out somewhere.
Every day, I have people come up to me and either a) Tell me how much I look like Sasuke Uchiha and टिप्पणी दे that I'm obsessed, या b) Tell him off in front of me. I get into a lot of mindless debates with people, normally I'll win them. And still, I always सवाल why these thoughts बादल the minds of other people. How can people not understand him?
It is to my own understanding that one cannot simply understand Sasuke, they must endure him. What I mean द्वारा that is, आप have to...
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posted by Zeppie
I thought I would put together a सूची of facts about (the greatest ऐनीमे character ever) Sasuke Uchiha, just bits and pieces found from official Databooks. Major प्रशंसकों probably know most of these things, but to those of आप who are new to the character, I hope this interests you! Enjoy!

Sasuke Uchiha

Born: 23 July
Star sign: Leo
Age: 12-13 (part 1), 15-17 (part 2)
Blood type: AB

Graduated academy: age 12

Chakra nature type:
• Blaze release
• आग release
• Lightning release
• Yin release

Databook Stats (out of 5)

Databook #1
• Ninjutsu - 2.5
• Taijutsu - 2.5
• Genjutsu - 1.5
• Intelligence -...
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