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posted by Zutara4eva
Katara POV
It's been 5 years after Sozins
Comet.I'm married to Zuko,Toph's married to Aang and Ty Lee is married to Sokka.Suki and Sokka broke up a few years ago.Today we will be coming to the palace to see how everyone is doing after 5 years.I have a three साल old son Name Kenai.And he has a little sister on the way.I walk in me and Zuko's room.Zuko was laying on the bed.
"Zuko is everything ready" I ask him.
"Yep perfectly" Zuko smiled.I gave him a small kiss.
"Where's Kenai" I look around for our son.
"He's playing with the turtleducks" Zuko said.I looked outside our rooms window.I see little...
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posted by Pinkkatluv32
Ty lee: I felt like somthing was missing that I had my two best फ्रेंड्स mai,azula but I didn't feel in my place here
Azula: girls we are leaving to find my dumb नितंब, गधा brother
Mai: oh geewiz
Ty lee: oh goody I कहा to see that boy
They made to the western air temple
Ty lee: I jumped into the breaking temple and कहा im not on azula's side anymore I was on zuko's side
Aang: alright आप can come with us
Ty lee: I jumped up on the बिजोन, बाइसन but I had to do somthing I
Had to do did it I blocked my ex-best फ्रेंड्स mai,azulas chi's
Katara: she is on our side
Aang: come on
Ty lee: I jumped back on the बिजोन, बाइसन as the...
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posted by Zutara4eva
Sokka's POV
We're hovering over the आग Nation
now.Toph is sleep and so is Ty Lee on my shoulder.I left Suki when us two got in a huge fight.But we are still friends.She lives in Kyoshi with my daughter Vidia.Ty Lee is so cute when she's sleep.Her nose crinkles and her eyes are closed very beautiful.I give her a किस on the forehead.With that she wakes up.
"Are we there" she ask and stretches.
"Not yet.Maybe a few miles" I say.She nods and lays back on my shoulder.
"Ok Toph wake up I can see the palace" Aang कहा to Toph.Toph got up and rubbed her eyes.She's 3 months pregnant so sh does crazy...
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