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Eclipse's First Trailer Will Be दिखा रहा है on Percy Jackson is proved FALSE.



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mispulka said:
I'm with those guys who think it's not true. As someone has written there - it's not a Summit movie, so why they would make money for somebody else and also if it would be this Friday, we would probably somehow.. know about it. I still do think it will be around Remember Me opening day.
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I'm thinking there will be a teaser trailer for Eclipse when Remember Me is released. I wouldn't put it past Summit to slip that in there just to get a lot of twilight fans to see the movie.
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This was just proved false by Twilight Examiner. I'll edit it in the link. I didn't believe it, but it was worth mentioning.

Percy Jackson is by FOX.
Eclipse is by Summit.

It was safe to assume this person was lying. And they were. I hate it when people lie.

Anyways, this rumor is FALSE.

And, Remember Me is a little more than a month away. I'm positive we will get an Eclipse teaser by then, if not before. Remember, Remember Me was initially supposed to come out in February, but Summit didn't want to compete with Valentine's Day, Taylor being a cameo in it (which I find stupid btw. That's the only reason why it was booted back. Taylor doesn't have a big role in it. Not that I'm putting down the movie, but it's like they are trying to butt the two, completely different movies together with the Twilight actors :/) Anyways, we're long overdue for a trailer. If Remember Me was coming out in Feb. like initially planned, we would most likely have it soon. But, I think it's very safe to say that we will get the Eclipse trailer during Remember Me.
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