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posted by surfergal
When I woke up this morning, I was running late a usually. I jumped in the शावर, शॉवर right quick and luckly Alice had seen that I had no clue what to wear. It helps to have immortal family. Edward pack my lunch again and then Michael was there to pick me up. As I walked outside I noticed it finally started to snow again! I noticed a भेड़िया coming out of the woods. It wasn't Jacob या any other, it was Cody! I had been thinking about him a little bit. cody came over in his भेड़िया form and pulled on my जैकेट sleeve towards the woods. I ask What are आप doind Cody, आप dont ever want to see me again,...
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posted by Edward_lover101
I must have fallen asleep. Again. When I woke up I was in a car. Edward had me acrosed his lap. We passed a sign that कहा New Hampsure 20 miles अगला right. I groned. Edward looked at me, with consern.
"Carlisle she is waking up."
"It's ok Edward, she is fine. आप might want to talk to her, she calms down when she hears your voise."
"Bella, can आप hear me? It's all right love, we are here."
"Where are we." I said
"New Hampsure. We are staying at a house that I bought."
"You bought a house?"
"Yeah." We drove up to a huge white house. This thing was 2 stories tall. Edward carried me to what would...
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posted by Pirate_4_life
My chest felt as if it was going to explode, although I had not heartbeat to speak of, it was racing ten to the dozen in my mind. I tried to stand up, to get away from the scene I had found, but my legs wouldn’t hold me up long enough. I fell to the ground hitting my head hard on the foot of my grandmothers bed, my head swirling out of control, filled with scenes that could have been mistaken for a horror film. The crash, the biting, the sight of my grandmother dying silently while I was to chicken to do something about it.
I lay there for what seemed liked days but when I looked at the clock...
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