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Edward: Happy Birthday, Bella.

Bella: Screw my birthday, I don’t wanna grow up!

Edward: You’re like Peter Pan, except you’re a girl!

Bella: About that…

Edward: What?

Bella: Nothing.

Edward: Let’s go to my place.

Bella: Giving in? The perfect present…

Edward: Hell no! आप think I’m weak?! WELL I’LL दिखाना आप WEAK! –Bends down to Bella’s neck-

Bella: Edward, wait for Victoria to kill me. She has और practice.

Edward: Let’s go inside!

Alice: Surprise! Big huge party to be celebrated द्वारा only 8 people! WOO!

Bella: I totally didn’t see this coming…

Esme: I baked आप this wonderful cake!...
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Chapter 11: The Times They Are a Changin’

“So, आप have an ice house.” I offered. It was a nice house a decent size with beautiful furniture. But it had an empty feel to it. Sienna shrugged, a house and a घर are two different things she कहा bitterly. Ever since my mother died my father consumes himself with work. My sister Jessica took off after graduation she lives in Buffalo, NY. I was not really close with her we are complete opposites. I guess आप could say my mom was the glue that held this family together”. “How long पूर्व did she die? I asked. “I was a baby I don’t even...
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All right, if आप have read the series and प्यार them. Then आप will absoultly प्यार the series called

The Mortal Insruments
द्वारा Cassandra Clare


If आप want to skip this and just read the summary just scroll to the bottom, I took quite a lot of time लेखन this!

"The Mortal Instruments series is a story world that I प्यार to live in. I hate to see the story end, but if it has to end, then City of Glass is the most perfect way for that to happen. Beautiful!"

– Stephenie Meyer, internationally bestselling लेखक of TWILIGHT-

-and it is also alike Twilight; hot main guy: named Jace Wayland...
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