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 Twilight movie pics
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This ट्वाईलाईट शृंखला चित्र contains चित्र, headshot, closeup, हेडशॉट, and क्लोज़अप. There might also be आकर्षण, अपील, गरमी, आकर्षकता, and गर्मता.

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 Image Credit: -vintage-aerith @ deviantart.com
Image Credit: -vintage-aerith @ deviantart.com
here is my twilight कल्पना life......
it is SERIOUS fantasy, its also SUPER long(I am NOT exaggerating so if आप are doing something important, आप should wait to read this some other time), some of the parts of the story are not in relation to twilight at all, while others are, so if i get something different than the book, its probably on purpose, and I’m not wrong, I’m just making stuff up!
also it is in a first-person story-thingy so if आप get lost, sorry! AND it is my first story-thingy(haha) so dont sue me if its THAT bad. just tell me where i can improve! टिप्पणी दे PLEAZ!

My name is...
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this is something I put together from pictures drawn द्वारा creative artists from Deviantart.com. The song is Big Girls Don't Cry द्वारा Fergie. This video describes in its own way the story of twilight and new moon द्वारा Stephanie Meyer.
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Ok. so I found this as a group on फेसबुक and totally agree... I mean who wouldn't want a guy, या *vampire* like Edawrd? So here's the list.

1. Be inhumanly attractive
2. Drive 200 km/h
3. Save आप from death
4. Have an amazing body
5. Be incredibly wealthy
6. Be too much of a gentlemen
7. Have an elegant way of walking
8. Be inhumanly strong
9. Crooked smile
10. Have an extended an sophisticated vocabulary
11. Be really smart
12. Good taste in music
13. Smell extraordinarily nice
14. Suddenly appear out of nowhere and किस आप passionatley
15. To tell आप that आप ARE beautiful, not that आप look beautiful...
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