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 Premier de Breaking Dawn Part 1 (Amanecer) en Los Angeles
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Chapter 10
        Just shoot me!!
    I hate school and I was in a class with Jill, boy can that girl talk about Emmett I blocked her out and started doodling in my notebook. I drew a भेड़िया when I was done Jill कहा “OMG that’s such a good drawing where’d आप get the inspiration. I कहा “my भेड़िया man, uh…he loves wolfs” Jill teased “Stella has a भेड़िया man. Stella has a boy-““he isn’t my boyfriend” Jill कहा “ok” and we were in class. I rolled my eyes at the thought of Emmett giving me a lecture today at lunch....
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I wrote this because a lot people misunderstand Rosalie. Especially after she called Edward in New Moon.
'How could आप do that Rosalie? Do आप hate Bella that much?' Emmett's voice was cold and fill with anger.

'I never wanted Bella to die! And I प्यार Edward, do आप really think that this is what I wanted?' if I was human, the tears would running down on my face. Nobody understands me, nobody understand my feelings for Bella. I didn't hate her, I didn't wanted her dead, never.

Emmett sighed. 'Rosalie, Edward is going to the volturi, do आप know what that means?'

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