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 Rob and Kellan
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posted by CarlislesLover
Sorry for the delay.

We got back to my apartment and I got changed back into the clothes I was wearing before I had the piercing. “Now आप need to go back to work to see if they have your dress for you”

“Ok” We drove back to where my dress was being made. “Aren’t आप coming in Lucy?

“No sorry I have to go”

“Oh ok” I walked in to the large building and back into the lift up to the floor my dress was being made on. “We have finished” The man कहा happily as I walked in. “Go try it on for me” I went and tried it on. I looked in the mirror it was amazing. “Wow...
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posted by GothicGirl0525
In all my hundred years या so of my life. I finally meet the girl of my dreams and she was new to Forks. The shocking part was that I couldn’t read anything she was thinking plus she smelled so beautiful. She smelled like strawberries every दिन because of her shampoo. When I saw her face in person, I instill fell in प्यार with her and I knew right there and then that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. Bella and I got married on August 13th, 2004. She was beautiful that day. We had a baby girl that I प्यार to death. Her name is Renesmee. She looks just her mother, her brown eyes,...
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