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 Robert Pattinson Portraits From The 'Remember Me' Press Junket
posted by lollipopszx3
All-Nighter, Fun, Kiss

Two weeks have passed since the circus incident. They gave me a swirly for my acting. It was in Emmett's washroom, which makes me want to barf, even thinking about it.

It was the night before school started. We are trying to pull an all-nighter at Edward's house. We have been doing this as a tradition since we were ten. We think we could really do it this year.

It was three o'clock in the morning. Edward's parents think we are asleep so we have to be extra quiet. I looked over everybody. Emmett was busy entertaining himself with a plate of food. Jasper was lying in a corner...
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posted by melikhan
Main article: The Twilight Saga (film series)
A screenplay for Twilight was written द्वारा Melissa Rosenberg and has been adapted into a film द्वारा Summit Entertainment. The film was directed द्वारा Catherine Hardwicke, with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in the leading roles of Isabella हंस and Edward Cullen, respectively. The movie was released in the United States on November 21, 2008.Twilight: The Complete Illustrated Movie Companion, written द्वारा Mark Cotta Vaz, was released October 28.
On November 22, 2008, following the box office success of Twilight, Summit Entertainment confirmed a sequel,...
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posted by twilight-7
Edward’s POV

I had everything organised. Granted it took a lot of bribery but I didn’t care. Everything had to be perfect for Kayla. Everything. I just had one और thing to do.
I quickly ran downstairs. I needed to find Esme. I knew she was helping with the preparations for tomorrow’s wedding. Bless her. She had such a big heart. I loved her dearly and I wouldn’t have asked for a better person to be my mother. As I walked into the रसोई, रसोईघर I could hear her arguing with Alice.
“No pink, Alice,” she कहा and tugging on a piece of bright गुलाबी material.
“Just a little,” Alice pouted,...
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posted by joe-edwardfan
Chapter 17
Bella pov
We were playing chess on the sofa and as always I was winning! Hehehe it feels so great every time I beat him
-u lose again!
I कहा and clapped my hands
-yeah your good at this thing
-well what can I say……………
He sttood up and hugged me
-tell me how आप do this?
He whispered
I touched his head and tapped it hard and said
-just think.
He kissed my forehead and went upstaires to change cause we were going hunting
He came back and we raced deep in the green greeny jungel I always hated that color I like bron ,warm रंग like the sun…………………….
I stopped at my...
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posted by Alice_Cullen_
The Character

Name: Riley

Type: Vampire

Special Ability: None

About Them: Riley was among the first humans that Victoria changed into a vampire as she formed her army. Victoria convinced Riley that she loved him and convinced him to serve her faithfully. Riley's job consisted of corralling the other new vampires, telling them what their mission was, and what they were supposed to do. It was Riley who came into Bella's room to get her scent in Eclipse and spared Charlie's life because he was mature enough to resist a human's blood. It was Riley that had to face Edward in the clearing. Edward tried...
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posted by anna0789
Have आप ever wake up one दिन and wonder
why bother to wake up and start my दिन ??
why bother and go to school do homework etc etc..

well today i was thinking about that while i took i shower.

i heard my mother in the रसोई, रसोईघर probably looking for something to eat. Yesterday she had a rough night she arrived really drunk and probably wasted...
My mother and i had never been फ्रेंड्स या had any bond of mother and daughter, she was almost never घर because she was a stripper.. yes a stripper... but where i live kids don't bother me with that some of there mothers work with my
mom and others well...
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when i found out bella had a child i didnt know what to think,alice कहा that bella was the one and she was my lover and when i asked if she knew about Vicky she कहा yes but it was not my right to tell आप and vicky is so sweet and she smells kinda like bella,so आप won't be tempted like आप are bella,thats what she told me

this what my family thought when i fell in प्यार bella

alice thought-finally आप are so lonly and she is perfect

Jasper-well i could never do that i would end up killing her but good for you

Emmet-she has a kid but at least आप found some one

Rose-you fell in प्यार with a human...
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yeah i completely forgot about this story because i was so wrapped up in Our Worst दिखाना sob yeah its mostly just a filler of edwards POV of when Bella got kidnapped so here u go!!!please please review and टिप्पणी दे it would mean alot to me and i will dedicate the अगला chapter to the first person to टिप्पणी दे and id o put these on different and bigger sites, but this is the first one ok stop my blabbing and on with the story! this one is kinda short the अगला one will be longer i promise

Chapter 4 Bella (Edward’s P.O.V. of The Party)
    “The mutt is...
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posted by twilight0girl
as we got done dancing esme told us it was time to cut the cake.me and jazz walked over to the big elaborite wedding cake esme and carlisle had bought us.it was a beutiful cake.it had white icing and purple flowers. "ready to cut the cake?"
jasper asked me quietly. "yep" we took the चाकू cut the cake and cut two big slice's to smash into each others face's.

after the wedding
" alice,jasper,we have a surprise for you." esme called as carlisle blindfolded me and jasper.i प्यार surprises.so it seemed like we walked for five hours.once we stoped...
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Huh... I'm asleep I thought to myself thats impossible I'm a vampire and as far as I know we don't/ can't sleep. I then woke up with a jolt and realized I was hungry something else वैंपायर don't expirence. My husband Edward walked into the room with Renesmee and her son Jerimia. My daughter Renesmee had only months पूर्व givin birth to the human that layed in front of me now. My daughter the half vampire/half human had had a one night affair with a human named Mike Zowe, and thus forth got pregnant with Jerimia. Now Jacob and Renesmee were once again in my room with my husband Edward. "Mom......
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I shouldn't think about her, not now..
I know she followed me into the forest when I left her, maybe she got lost. No, leave it! Bella's not stupid, she will survive. It is for her own good that I'm now trying to find Victoria, so she won't meet any वैंपायर in her life anymore. 'Edward, are आप OK?' Ofcourse, I could have known Jasper would feel my anxious mood. Since I left I didn't pay enough attention to the thoughts around me. 'Sure, Jasper, I'm fine, don't worry about me.' We were running South, where Alice told us she saw Victoria, but we didn't find her trail yet. 'You're worried about...
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posted by mrsblack_1089
This a little short something I wrote in Edward's POV when he left Bella after her birthday party in New Moon. Enjoy, comment, rate, please!!

I had been drawing this out for much too long. Why had I stayed with her for so long? How could I not have seen this painful end coming? Of course it had to end, sometime. A lion couldn't प्यार a मेमना, भेड़ का बच्चा without hurting her. I knew all of this, even before the other night, her birthday. It was even और evident as I stared into her dark चॉकलेट brown eyes, wide with confusion, worry, and pain.
"You . . . don't . . . want me?" she asked slowly. She was...
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