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 और EW outtakes of Kristen
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और EW outtakes of Kristen
twilight cast
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Author's Chapter Notes:
I own two copies of Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn, and I am dieing for the BD trailer in a couple weeks. Other than that, I don't own anything, it's not mine other my own crazy mind.

Thanks agian to my awesome reviewers! I wouldn't ahve gotten this far with you. Also thanks to my beta State of Delusion, for fixing my errors. My thanks also goes out to HEAR and AnthroBug for their help as well. Okay, enough of me talking, go read.

Chapter 6

You're Beautiful

You're beautiful, it's true.

I saw your face in a crowded place,

And I don't know what to do,

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"Renesmee" Edward ran to hug his daughter "Are u okay?" Renesmee pulled Away "I'm fine dad,but we got to save Mom." Jacob came in and Hugged Renesmee "Your okay" he sighed in relief. Renesmee hugged him back "I missed u so" she कहा into his shoulders. Edward cleared his throat Jacob and Renesmee pulled apart. "Where is Bella?" Edward ask threw closed teeth.

Renesmee walked away, "Aro has her locked up, He's gone mad" She was pasting back and forth "He wants power and a lot of it." Everything was quite Jacob broke the silence "so what dose he want with Bella?" Renesmee shook her head, "I think...
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