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posted by Brown_x_Eyes
Isabella "Bella" Marie हंस (later Isabella Marie Cullen) is a clumsy, accident-prone teenage girl who moves from Phoenix, Arizona, to Forks, Washington, to live with her father, Charlie. Though many boys are attracted to her when she arrives, she falls in प्यार with Edward Cullen, a mysterious boy she discovers to be a vampire. In an attempt to protect Bella from his lifestyle, Edward leaves her. Bella falls into a depression and is comforted द्वारा her friend, Jacob Black. She comes to प्यार Jacob as well, though not as deeply as she loves Edward. She eventually marries Edward and, after a complicated pregnancy, gives birth to their daughter, Renesmee, and becomes a vampire at age 18. After Bella's transformation, she has the ability to shield her and others' minds from mental attacks.
posted by Bella_Swan3

1) I have created my own spot for Sunrise, and अपडेट्स will now be पोस्टेड there.

2) See my प्रोफ़ाइल "spots Bella_Swan3 has joined" for और information. Sunrise is the spot with the red rose.

3) All पूर्व Sunrise chapters have been reposted there as well.

4) Thank आप to Swhit2, who encouraged me to create my own spot.

5) If आप see it and आप liked Sunrise, please शामिल होइए it.

6) Please do not post लेखाए on my spot unless it is a review, but आप are free to add questions, picks, pictures, मंच topics, videos(if आप find anything that's relevant), लिंक्स या क्विज़ questions.

Thank आप once again to everyone who ever टिप्पणी जोड़ा गया हे and rated Sunrise. I प्यार आप people!
!!!!!!!!!WARNING!!!!! ONLY FOR ADULTS!!!!!!
Hello, guys. It's been a while, since I पोस्टेड for the last time. I'm sorry. I had one of the worst sessions in the university. Now I'm free, so I think, I'll end this story soon.

I was hesitant for a moment, and then I covered her lips with mine with a passionate kiss. I moved my hands down her back and felt some cloth, covering her skin. I turned Bella to her back, never breaking the किस and my hands with one हटाइए tore that lacy thing on Bella.
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Nikki’s POV
I was in my house alone, when the door घंटी, बेल rang, it was Kristen she’s my bff, since we were in a movie together.
-Hi Kris!
Kris is really shy! She doesn’t speak too much, but she’s also really friendly, she’s always there for her friends!
I प्यार talking to her! She’s a good listener!
-Why did आप call me, dear? - She sat in my bed
-I wanna talk to you…
-Is about him again, right?
-Nikki, forget this fucking boy!! – I have a crush on Kellan, and it isn’t healthy for me because I know he would never प्यार me!
-Kristen आप fell for Rob and I supported...
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posted by twilight_james
chapter 4

I woke up, and Carlisle was in the room.
"Bella" he कहा in relief.
"Where..where am I?" I stuttered. I looked and I couldn't reconginse the room.
"Bella.." Carlisle कहा questionly. "you're in our house, in the lounge room.
I loked around and saw that I was. "Okay" I caught my reflection in a mirror. I had stitches down my face, and when I turned, I saw that there were long rows of और stitches down my back as well.
"Carlisle, what happened to me?" I asked, unable to make sense of the black lines of stiching.
He hesistated. "Well, when आप were in the room, Edward-"
I cut hm off "Edward!...
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Ok, here's the अगला chapter of Evening Star! ^_^

As usual, at night, I sticked द्वारा Bella's side, watching her sleep in peace. It made me smile when she कहा my name over and over again. Sometimes she make full sentences saying, "I प्यार you, Edward."
I kissed her forehead, and said, "I never get tired of आप saying saying that, I will always प्यार आप too."
As if she could hear me, she smiled slightly and drifted into deeper sleep.
I rubbed her arm, letting her know that I will never leave her out of my sight again.


It was already the अगला day, and Bella and I were walking from Spanish class...
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posted by Bella_Swan3

I was now the human equivalent of six months pregnant, and watching a small grey shape moving on a monitor. My child. My little baby.

My mom, Esme, and Jacob were here with me too. Aside from Carlisle, of course.

"There he is. Speaking of which, I presume आप and Jacob would like to know the gender?" Carlisle asked. I didn't immediately answer. I was too mesmerized.

"Renesmee?" Jacob asked me.
"Yes," I managed to say.

"You have a little girl. Well, not yet, but आप will."

A little girl.

Esme sighed contentedly, almost as fascinated as I was.

From downstairs, Alice squealed.

Alice had...
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It was dark outside, and I was in my room, finishing off some homework. My C.D player was on loud as I worked, but that didn’t matter. I was the only one in. It was late, around 10; 45pm, but I wasn’t tired. Mum and Dad had gone up to Grandpa Carlisle and Grandma Esme’s house to talk with everyone about something important. They had suggested I stay घर and study. It was a huge surprise when Jacob turned up.
“Whoa Jake, it’s you!”
“Oh my God, really?!” he laughed, and I found myself laughing too.
“What I mean is; why are आप here at nearly eleven pm when my parents are out?...
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posted by Edward_Bella234
I hope आप like this part. Dragging this part on and on is no fun. Vampirization will be the fun part to write!!! :P


When we entered the house, I went straight for my room. My leg was killing me.
    “Esme,” my father called my name from the doorway. “Can I talk to आप for a moment?”
    “Of course father” I replied as I moved my way onto the sofa.
    He came and sat across from me in the rocking chair never looking at my face.
    “What’s wrong?”...
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posted by Bella_Swan3

Renee almost touched me, then seemed to think better of it.

"Sit down," Renee whispered again, gesturing towards the porch swing. I sat, she sat.

"But Bella... died... " Renee whispered.

Lovely. So THAT was what this woman believed.

"She died. I saw her. Dead. Almost eighteen years ago. She was a victim of hit and run," Renee said, sounding panicked, as if she were only trying to convince herself.

I decided to play along, it was convenient. For my family.

"I was born a few months before that. She didn't want आप to know," I lied easily.

"And the rest of the Cullens?" Renee whispered,...
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I'm feeling a little better, so here's another लेख :D

Bella's pov

I just laid there against his chest when i thougth about something.
“Where were आप when Franco got killed” i कहा calm still with my head against his chest.
“Well I was at LaPush with Jake and the kids when Alice called me. She कहा they were at Isle Esme because आप had called her, but she couldn’t stay on the phone long. I was pretty angry so when I was almost at Isle Esme too I called her back to tell her that I was on my way.” He कहा still with that angry tone in his voice.
“That was आप on the phone” I said....
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posted by just_bella
The भालू backed off my body and charged me again. I screamed in fear, and it stoped about 10 feet away from me when it backed up and did it again.

I realized the भालू was toying with me, I wished that it would end this already. I was in so much pain, everything hurt and the forest around me was beginning to blur probably from blood loss.

The भालू backed up again, hopefully to end my life when I hear another animal coming into the area.

There was a moment of complete silence, which only lasted for a minute. The following sound was something I won't forgett, it was the sound of the भालू fighting....
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posted by 2bearz
Sorry guys, school, and a bunch of othr pitiful excuses u dont wanna hear so here is the story!

I was sitting around with the Carlisle, Alice, Esme, Peter and चालट, चार्लोट, शेर्लोट in the living room. They had all told me of the Volturi and what they do, and I told them all about me and my special abilities. Oh yea, Edward had rushed Bella back to her house the मिनट he heard Peter and Charlotte's thoughts, knowing that they weren't like him and his family. Apparently he had taken her back to her house to her father, where no doubt Charlie had gone berserk.

" Carlisle? If आप don't mind I think I should...
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posted by DefineDelicate
in the mood to be बिना सोचे समझे again. *sighs*

I wrote a लेख Last week on how Twilight found me, saying that the Cover did in fact haunt me.
but since i finally cave in and read. i realize that the Haunting is not over.

I'm Obsessed it's true, but this is turning scaryyyyy

I'm a डिज़्नी प्रशंसक okay, majorly and well..i was watching "101 Dalma.." आप know, anyways, i was watching it to get my mind off of Twilight for once...
and something just jumped up in my face i thought i would share.

one of the Charaters is named Jasper.
the "Call" that the कुत्ता do at night to send a message, is called

yeah...am i going insane? i think so..only i put in "21" with Jim surgess okay..and at the end of the movie he did something completely crazy he कहा a line from the Book.

"so, do i Dazzle you?"

I decided to turn off the TV and go to bed..sad thing is, the only thing i dream about is Edward.

should i be scared? O_______o
posted by Bella_Cullen
Charlie’s POV
    As I stood watching my little girl, I felt overwhelmingly angry. I knew it was unfounded,
Bella loved Edward और then I’d ever seen anyone प्यार anyone, and it was obvious from the way he looked at her now that he loved her back, possibly even more. No, I was angry because I didn’t want to see her hurt and, and… oh who was I kidding. I was going to miss my little girl. I’d always loved her, it broke my दिल when her mother took her away, but I had to stay and take care of my parents, and द्वारा the time they passed away, it was too late. And then...
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posted by ebcullen4ever
Thank आप all who have read ch.1 of my fanfic and thank आप for your comments.I promised आप the अगला chapter,so here it is.Please enjoy

Ch.2: These Violent Delights

As I made my way toward Bella,I didn't see what the big deal of turning 18 was.I would never be eighteen.I shake my head at the little smile playing at her lips."Happy Birthday,"I say to her when I finally reach her.She looks at me and says,"Don't remind me".I am incredulous that she thinks turning eighteen is like a death sentence या the end of the world.Rosalie would trade places with her in a heartbeat,as would the rest of my...
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posted by EdwardCullen604
sorry i haven't written in like a साल but heres the अगला chapter:

Out the corner of my eye i could see leah had phased back, but she still looked furious jacon was trying to calm her down - he had her taking deep long breaths though she was still shaking and glaring at me with a look cold enough to make even me shiver. I turned to see who had pulled Leah away, it was Charro and the expression on his face was much the same as leahs only his anger was directed at her. seth looked absolutely gobsmacked.

"em why don't आप four come back in side i'm sure there is much to, ah, discuss" carlisle always...
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posted by a-jforever
Heres part three.....I think. Enjoy.XXXX

What do आप want of me?” I asked straightening up to try being civil.

“Ok you’re going to think me a complete freak when I tell आप so come inside and sit down.”

“NOT INSIDE.” The bronze haired one protested.
Alice closed her eyes growing very still and then opening them.

“See Edward she won’t hurt Renesmee.” Edward nodded stepping out the way of the door. But whatever Alice had done hadn’t convinced him enough as he hurried in before us.

“Are आप Phoebe?” A little girl with Bronze curly hair came round the corner smiling at me her...
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the newspaper headline glared at me from a little metal vending meshien SEATLE UNDER SIEGE - DEATH TOLL RISES AGAIN. i hadnt seen this one yet some paperboy must of just restocked the meshien. luckey for him he was nowhere around now.

great riley was going to blow a gasket. i would make sure i wasnt rithin reach when he saw the paper. let him ripp someone elses arm off.

i stood in a shadow behind a shabbt three story building trying to be inconspicuous while i waited for someone to make a decision. no wanting to meet anyones eyes, i stared at the दीवार beside me instead. the ground floor of...
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AN: Okay, so I just figured out how to अपलोड and संपादन करे all of this stuff. So the last chapter was sort of और of an intro I guess, because it was so short! I am actually लेखन this in a notebook and copying all of in into a word document. Enough blabbing from me, enjoy!
P.S. I don't own Twilight या any of the characters. Oh darn! haha Stephenie Meyer does.

Chapter 2: First Sight
Emmett POV

    I don't remember much about what happened. I was hunting in the woods when I found a grizzly. Before I could load my gun she charged. I don't remember anything except for my एंजल after...
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