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posted by Tatti
Here comes new chapter and I hope you'll like it. Big thanks to all who supports my fanfic and all nice टिप्पणियाँ आप leave.

3rd chapter Running


I can see that Bella is worrying and I even can understand it - three half-vampire शिशु pops out of nowhere and only short letter from mysterious vampire Doreen informs us that they are abandoned and we should take care of them. At first, I was a bit suspicious too, but now I can't see what would be the point of leaving these kids if someone would meant harm to us. Volturi already know about vampire and human hybrids and accepted them as not threatening to our secrecy. शिशु weren't dangerous themselves either, I can read Nick's and Emi's thoughts very easily - they adore their new parents Carlisle and Esme, Rosalie and Emmett. Jalley is harder to read and that reminds me of Charlie, I can understand what is on surface, but there is something hidden underneath.
Another thing that surprises me is their eating habits. Emi is much alike to Nessie: she hates normal food, human blood is much और delicious to her than जानवर but she knows that it's a right thing and goes hunting very easily. I guess that also has something to do with Emmett's challenges to hunt the biggest animal.
Nick's eating habits are a little bit और complicated cause he's poisonous. He doesn't want to disappoint Carlisle and Esme so he tries really hard to live only on animals. But sooner या later his pleading blue eyes gets him a bag of human blood from Carlisle's donor blood reserves.
Jalley's choice was the most unexpected of all. When we found शिशु on the stairs it was obvious that they were very weak, probably they even starved. Jalley's condition was the worst but still she refused to drink human blood. Then Alice tried animal blood - girl sipped a bit and stopped. Her thoughts gave away her desperation and hunger... If so, why she refused? Carlisle prepared her some of human खाना but no one of us believed she will eat it. Apparently, we were wrong. She ate everything though I noticed disgust in her mind. Another mystery to all of us.
Today everybody except Carlisle (he was working) and Bella with Nessie (they were visiting Charlie) went hunting. I heard Emmett's and Emi's plans on defeating everyone and smiled - girls just a week पूर्व started walking and running but I didn't want to ruin their good mood.
"Hey, princess, wanna try to outrun uncle Edward? He pretends to be the fastest" Emmett suggested full of enthusiasm. You won't be a villain and let this lovely creature win? he thought. I sighed - Emmett being a father was one of last things I expected to see.
"Yes! We will win!" Emi jumped. She was Emmett's copy in competition.
"Fine, the river will be our finish line. Ready?" I asked and laughed when they both nodded eagerly.
"Ready. Steady. GO!"
In a few सेकंड्स I left them behind and after a मिनट started slowing my pace. I didn't want to be a villain after all. I was surprised how quickly Emi outran me. I turned my smile to Emmett who was still behind.
"Go princess!" he shouted encouraging.
There was still some time to make this race और interesting and I caught up with Emi. But she was too determined to win and increased her pace. I laughed and tried again. She didn't let me overrun her again. I froze inside when I realize that I'm running at my full speed. How this is possible? Nessie was never so fast, is this Emi's special ability या just half-vampires has very different physical characteristics? Finally, we reached the river and girl started yelling cheerfully. It took half a मिनट for Emmett to reach us.
"Daddy, daddy, did आप see? I outran my fastest uncle!" she jumped on Emmett's back.
"That's awesome, princess, I knew you're amazing!" he कहा giggling. Good job, Edward.
"I didn't" I कहा out loud and they turned to me confused.
"You didn't think I am amazing?" Emi asked didn't understanding anything.
"No, not this. Emi, can आप go to Mom? I need to talk with your Dad" she looked at Emmett and when he nodded ran towards others.
"What is it, Edward? What आप didn't do?"
"I didn't let Emi win. She really outran me" I heard how Emmett started wondering if I'm sane.
"She's so little. How can she be that fast?" he finally asked and I shrugged.
"I don't know. Maybe it's her gift?" I suggested and he thought about it for a second.
"Well then... It's fantastic! My little princess beat you! We have to hurry and spread this great new to everyone!" he exclaimed excited. I didn't feel so excited and watched him running द्वारा Emi's trail.
If she's faster then me now, how fast will she be when she'll grow up? What if it's not coincidence? And और important, does Nick and Jalley can do the same? या maybe they have other abilities? I had many सवालों in my head and no answers.

Thanks for reading!
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