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posted by twilight-7
I felt Edward slide into my बिस्तर and opened my eyes to see him looking at me worriedly. I instantly blocked my mind. I couldn’t have him finding out from my thoughts.
“How are आप feeling?” he asked me.
“Better,”I said. “You were gone.”
“I had to go see Alice,” he pulled me onto his lap. “I wanted to know if she saw Mitchell coming anytime soon.”
“And did she?”
“No, apparently he’s still undecided. Though from the vision आप had आप would think he knew.”
I nodded. They knew about my vision. Someone had to know because I was sure it wasn’t me in that vision.
“Maybe he’s not thinking about it,” I suggested. “He does know about Alice’s ability.”
“But wouldn’t it apply to आप as well?”
“Maybe not. Mine and Alice’s abilities could be different. I can’t have my visions whenever I want to like she can.”
Edward was silent as he thought about it. How could I keep this from him? I was just bursting to tell him. He didn’t know what he’d created and I felt like an evil person for not telling him. But then his stress levels would go through the roof, he wouldn’t know who to protect more, he would probably go insane with worry. It was best he didn’t know until Mitchell was dealt with.
“Edward,” I said, hesitantly. “Is it possible for आप to get me pregnant?”
I had to know if he knew. What if he did and he was just saying he didn’t? What if he knew, even just an inkling, and didn’t think to tell me?
“No,” he shook his head. Even in his mind he was thinking ’no’ along with ’why is she asking?’
“I’ve done some research. Ever heard of the Incubus?”
He chuckled.
“That’s all fake,” he said, चुंबन my forehead. “I’ve never heard of a vampire getting a girl pregnant.”
“Yeah,”I said. I lay my head on his shoulder. “Fake.”

Jacob arrived in the morning. He still looked slightly confused and when he saw Edward his face went blank. I’d told Jacob not to tell anyone either. He was trying to keep his thoughts clean of babies. I’d already told him how to block his thoughts. He wasn’t having much luck.
“What’s with him?” Edward asked me, watching the concentration Jacob’s face.
I shrugged.
“No idea.”
We were sat in the kitchen. I’d refused breakfast as I knew the smell of cooking would probably have me puking and I didn’t want to worry Edward again.
“You didn’t have any nightmares,” Edward said. Jacob sat at the तालिका, टेबल with us, still trying to keep his thoughts from wandering.
“Yes,” I said, smiling. “I didn’t.”
We sat in silence. Edward was beginning to get suspicious of Edward, wondering what the hell he was trying to keep from him. I hoped to God Jacob could keep it up just a little longer. Edward wasn’t particularly bothered about my thoughts, he knew I put up the block from time to time to make sure I could still do it. I was safe, Jacob wasn’t though.
“Hey,” I कहा to Edward. “You haven’t hunted in a while.”
Edward looked me, his eyes were dark. Not black, just dark. He looked thoughtful and then shook his head.
“We both know that Mitchell hasn’t planned a तारीख, दिनांक so just go hunt,” I said, resting my head on his shoulder. “I’ll be fine. I have my babysitter here.”
I gestured at Jacob who grinned and nodded.
“I’ll protect her,” he said. “Don’t worry.”
Edward touched my cheek lightly and sighed.
“Emmett and Jasper would प्यार to go,” he mused. “And I haven’t had a mountain lion in a while.”
“You’ve tortured yourself,” I said, sounding horrified. “Denying yourself a mountain lion.”
Edward chuckled.
“When was the last time Emmett had his grizzlies?” I asked him. “You know Emmett loves them!”
“It was a while ago,” Edward कहा and I smacked him.
“Go hunting now!” I ordered him. “Give Emmett his grizzly भालू आप mean mean vampire! I cannot believe you’ve let Emmett go so long without them!”
Edward laughed and pulled me in for a kiss. I wrapped my arms around his neck. I heard a cough and pulled away, rather reluctantly.
“Jacob, keep her सुरक्षित for me?” Edward said, standing up.
Jacob nodded. “I won’t let her out of my sight.”
Edward kissed the चोटी, शीर्ष of my head and then walked out of the kitchen.
“Wait,” I whispered to Jacob. I listened. As soon as I heard Edward’s thought disappear from my head I let Jacob think.
“That is so hard,” he said. “How do आप do it?”
“Mind block,” I answered. “I told आप to do it.”
“Too difficult.”
“You’re lucky he needs to hunt,” I said. “It isn’t that easy to get rid of him.”

Edward’s POV

Kayla is keeping something from me. I know it. Why else would Jacob be trying so hard to keep his thoughts disguised and Kayla not making eye contact with me. I’m going to go hunting and maybe when I come back she’ll be a bit और open. I’m only leaving her because of what Rosalie said.
“Don’t ask her too many questions. If she wants to talk, she will.”
Well I was giving her time. If she wants to talk when I get back, good. If she doesn’t….. I don’t know what I’m going to do. I want to know what she’s keeping from me, why she’s keeping it from me. Does Jacob know? Does that mongrel know something that I don’t know? Why would she tell him and not me?
I have to get home. I have to get Emmett and Jasper before I go back and have that overgrown mutt for रात का खाना instead of a lion.

“You not thirsty?” Emmett asked me, looking at the half dead lion at my feet.
“I am,” I said, sighing.
“Something’s bothering him,” Jasper said. He’d finished eating twenty मिनटों ago. He always finished first. Being the newest member he was always eager to satisy his thirst for it was और difficult for him.
“What’s up?” Emmett asked. He finished his भालू and stood in front of me.
“It’s Kayla,” I said, slumping to the ground. I lay there, अगला to the dying lion. I was feeling what he was feeling. What was it that she couldn’t tell me? I always thought we could tell each other everything, nothing was too big या too bad. But now….
“What’s she done?” Jasper asked. He sat down अगला to me and watched me sympathetically.
“She’s not telling me something,” I answered and then realised it sounded so insignificant. So she wasn’t telling me something. Big deal. I’d kept a lot from her before. Why couldn’t she do it to me?
“Do आप want me to have a feel around?” Jasper offered. “Maybe I could tell what it is from her emotions.”
“Her emotions are all over the place, आप wouldn’t be able to get anything from her. आप know what she’s like now. She has these horrible mood swings. One मिनट she’s all loving and the अगला biting your head off.”
“Too bad she can’t be a vampire,” Emmett sighed. “Human chicks and their hormones.”
“Yes,” I murmured. “She does seem to have an increase in them lately.”
“She’s eating quite a lot too,” Emmett laughed. “She’s gained weight.”
I snarled.
“He’s not saying she’s fat,” Jasper कहा and glared at Emmett. “Just an observation.”
“It’s not her fault if she’s hungry all the time,” I defended my wife.
“I’m not surprised,” Emmett muttered. “I’ve heard what आप guys get up to after hours.”
I snarled again, standing up.
“Edward, easy,” Jasper restrained me. Emmett had no right to say that! What Kayla and I did in our private time was none of his business! So she was a little hormonal, big deal! If she wanted to eat, she can eat. I don’t care. Although it was an awful lot of weight to put on in two weeks… Oh it doesn’t matter. I’d प्यार Kayla even if she was the size of the Olympic Peninsula.
“Is she feeling better?” Jasper tried to distract me. “Kayla.”
I nodded.
“She seemed okay, though she refused to eat,” I answered. “She कहा the smell would make her sick again.”
“And the nightmares?”
“She didn’t have one last night but she still slept a long time.”
“You’d think she was pregnant,” Emmett laughed.
“What?” Jasper and I spoke together.
“Pregnant,” Emmett repeated slowly. “I watched this programme the other दिन because I was bored. It was about a woman documenting her pregnancy. Those were some of her symptoms. Mood swings, sleeping a lot, eating a lot, even nightmares. The woman had killer back ache though.”
I remembered Kayla rubbing her back yesterday.
“I need to stop sleeping so long, It’s not doing me any good.”
“Edward, she can’t be,” Jasper felt my shock. “You can’t father children.”
“Ever heard of the Incubus?” I repeated what Kayla had कहा to me last night.
Jasper nodded and then shook his head.
“We’re not like them,” he said. “They’re not real.”
“A demon in the male form,” I said. “I’m a demon. Someone would class me as a demon because I’m not human.”
“Edward,” Emmett held his hands out. He thought I was going to do something stupid. I was just in complete shock. She couldn’t be pregnant. I couldn’t father children. I couldn’t get a human pregnant.
But it all made complete sense. Why she was ill, why she was hungry, why she was hormonal, why she was gaining weight. She wasn’t getting fat, our baby was growing inside her. She was carrying my vampire child.
“Holy shit! My wife is pregnant!”
Emmett laughed.
“You can’t be serious,” Jasper said. “She can’t. It’s impossible for us.”
“I went to medical school. I know the signs.”
“Wouldn’t the baby be half vampire?” Emmett asked. He was thinking of some mutant super strengthen Immortal Child.
I gritted my teeth. The baby would be half vampire. It would be half me. It would have my strength, my speed. It could kill Kayla. I had to get home. I had to warn her. She probably didn’t know.
“Edward, calm down!” Jasper grabbed onto my arms.
“I have to get to her,” I snarled. “She’s in danger.”
“If आप go to her like this, she won’t accept any help from you.” Jasper made too much sense at times. “You need to calm down. आप need to control your anger and think things through properly.”
“You’re not going to abort her baby, are you?” Emmett looked horrified. “You can’t do that, Edward. She’d never speak to आप again.”
“I’d rather she was alive,” I spat at him. “She’d never speak to me again if I continue to let her have this baby because she’d be dead. That thing is half vampire! It could kill her! Imagine if we kicked Kayla, what would happen to her?”
Emmett was silent.
“Exactly! Now imagine that on the inside of her.”
“That would be a lot of damage,” Jasper agreed. “But she can heal. She’s immortal. She’ll be safe.”
“You don’t know that,” I hissed. “You don’t know anything about this - this - thing!”
“This thing is your baby!” Jasper shouted.
I broke Jasper’s grip on my arms. That thing was not my baby. It was a monster I had created. Something that would hurt Kayla. I couldn’t let anything hurt her.
“I’m going to Kayla.”

Author's note: Before anyone says anything या if you've आप just stumbled across this randomly, this is nothing like Breaking Dawn. I was struggling to find a way to end this whole thing and the only person who knows is Pirate_4_life as she is my best friend. Once I have reached a certain point I shall divulge my reason for this unexpected pregnancy. So please do not stop पढ़ना because आप think I'm getting all Breaking Dawn and losing my own originality and creativity coz I ain't. Just stick with me and all shall be revealed या if आप are all the clever people I think आप are आप shall have worked it out for yourselves. Continue पढ़ना please because आप guys are the only reason why I continue to write and neglect my studies.
Stay tuned.
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