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Buff wolfman Alex Meraz (Paul) revealed at a Twilight convention this weekend that he may have played his role a bit too intensely during a run-in with lead heroine Kristen Stewart–

“I decided, all right, the भेड़िया Pack stay up all night looking for who’s killing people on the res, so we don’t sleep very much. So I thought it would be a great idea if I stayed up for 10 days straight.” What should have been a simple scene — a confrontation between Bella (Stewart) and the भेड़िया Pack — became, in Meraz’s mind, his “Brando moment.” Wanting to try something different, the actor played the scene overly aggressive: screaming, grabbing Stewart द्वारा the throat, hurtling his line at her.

“[Director] Chris Weitz comes off-set like, ‘Yeah, I like the energy Alex, but just take it down a little,’ ” Spencer chimed in: “Meanwhile the producers are freaking out back there.”

” ‘Cause nobody touches Kristen Stewart,” joked Meraz.
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