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it's a very long one :D enjoy

Bella's pov

I was laying on the तालिका, टेबल with Edward’s hand in mine. I looked at him and he was looking at me I couldn’t resist but smiling at him and he responded with a smile back, but it wasn’t the smile I’m used too this one was full of pain, concern, grieve. But I couldn’t disagree on him I felt the same way and even confused but I was happy, because Edward and me are going to have another child, while it’s not even possible.
Carlisle came to me and asked politely
“Bella, may I touch you’re stomach”. I nodded yes. It didn’t took long and than he left again but just a few सेकंड्स later he came back with what I could say was a machine they use in hospitals to see in you’re stomach.
“Okay Bella this is gonna feel awkward” he कहा with a smile
I smiled back. Carlisle put the substance on my stomach, it didn’t feel cold या warm, because since I was turned into a vampire I couldn’t feel it anymore, everything felt warm now.

“Are आप still okay” Carlisle asked me and Edward still starring at me like I would faint any moment.
“Yes I’m still fine, but that substance looks disgusting, I laughed while I कहा that and I saw Carlisle and Edward laughing too.
‘Let’s check the monitor, shall we” Carlisle कहा serious now. So Edward and me start watching it and there it was a heartbeat. I smiled and squeezed Edward’s hand and turned my head to him, he was smiling too and if वैंपायर could cry, he would. He responded with a squeeze in my hand too.
“Carlisle” Edward कहा now in a fatherly tone “How is the baby?” I looked from Edward to Carlisle, Edward made me concerned asking that question.
“Well for so far the baby is doing great, he’s a little bigger than he should be on 7 days, but some human शिशु are the same size, but we’ll do a check up soon again and than we’ll now more” he answered Edward’s question.
“Wait” Edward कहा “Are आप saying that the baby could be human” just staring at Carlisle waiting for an answer.
“Well he’s growing like one but we’ll only know for sure when the baby is bigger” he कहा not knowing what to except than. “Then we could do some और test” he continued.

Edward and me were staring now at each other, like somebody just told us a bad joke.
“Bella” Carlisle कहा loudly and I jumped up, I didn’t see that coming.
“Yes” I answered to him
“You were throwing up blood, right? Carlisle wanted to now.
“Yes, I responded in a confused tone, why would he want to now that, I thought द्वारा myself.
“Well, I’m wondering” he कहा like he would know what I was thinking.
“What if the baby is और human than Renesmee and it doesn’t like blood” he कहा almost to himself. “ I want to try something bella” I’ll be back and he walked out of the door and closed it behind him.

“Edward, help me up will ya” I asked him. He grabbed my hand and pulled me up easily.
“Bella, I प्यार you, आप now that right” he said
“Of course I know that and I प्यार आप too, Why do आप even ask me that Edward, I almost कहा in a panicking voice.
“Don’t panic Honey” it’s just I’m afraid, I’m afraid to lose you, he कहा looking with his dazzling eyes straight in mine.
I saw that pain in his eyes again that I saw before and I gave him a quick किस and said
“you will never lose me, Edward Cullen, and no matter what I’ll always प्यार आप and I’m not planning to die either, I कहा with all the प्यार I felt for him.
He looked down, but my hands grabbed his chin and pulled his face right before mine and I pulled my fingers thru his hair and kissed him, he answered my किस back. Than I don’t even know what happened but I started to किस him with all my passion and प्यार I have for him and he couldn’t resist but responding back with that किस of his. I grabbed him closer to me and before I knew it I was laying back on the तालिका, टेबल and he was on चोटी, शीर्ष of me, but we didn’t stop kissing. I almost got his कमीज, शर्ट off when he abruptly stopped and looked at the door.

“Carlisle” he कहा and we both jump to our feet when the door opened. It wasn’t just Carlisle who walked in but the hole family.
“I told आप we should come sooner” I heard Alice say laughing and so did Edward because he responded
“Thanks Alice” he growled
“it’s nothing, you’re welcome, she कहा with a happy voice
“Carlisle” Edward कहा now to distract himself from Alice “Why do आप have पास्ता in you’re hand?
“It’s not for me Edward, it’s for Bella” he कहा back to him and walking towards me.

“What?” Edward and me कहा on the same time
“We’ll it’s just something I want Bella to try, she can’t eat animal blood, so let’s try human food” he कहा like he was experimenting.
“What if she starts throwing that up either” Edward wanted to know.
“Than there’s still human blood, we could try” Carlisle कहा strong
Carlisle handed me the पास्ता and I just looked at it, I can’t believe I’m doing this, I took a deep breath and grabbed the spoon with पास्ता and put it in my mouth and swallowed it.
“It’s not that bad and took another spoon with pasta. Everyone was staring at me like I was that fragile human again before Edward has changed me.
“Are आप sure” Edward asked me, but his words weren’t even cold yet and I wasn’t feeling well again, I ran to the bathroom and throw everything back out.
I heard Edward taking place beside me “you’re throwing up again” he said.
Carlisle walked in too and both of them helped me on my feet again.

“So it’s not human खाना either”, Carlisle कहा concerned but determined like he wasn’t planning to give up that easy.
Carlisle let me go but Edward was still holding me tight so I wouldn’t fall, because I still felt a little dizzy.
“How are आप feeling right now” Edward asked me with concern.
“I’m still feeling a little dizzy, but the खाना is all out, so I hope I wont be throwing up any मिनट now” I कहा with a little voice.
We walked back to examine room and I saw Carlisle walking back and forth but Edward dragged me back to the table.
“There’s another option open too, आप now” I कहा loud enough so Carlisle and Edward would here me. They both looked at me like they forgot something and I was the only one who remembered.
“Not eating at all” my voice कहा in pain but steady.
“Bella, आप need to eat” Edward कहा while holding my hand.
“I’ll keep throwing everything back out” answering Edward while I looked at him.
“you don’t know that” Edward कहा with a little anger in his voice, like he didn’t want me to give up so easy. But then Carlisle jumped in and looked at me but then said
“We could test it with human blood, if आप don’t throw that up, we’ll now were back on the right track.

“Carlisle is right” Edward कहा with an almost demanding voice but still in a whisper so I would be the only one who could here him
“I प्यार आप Bella and I’m not planning to lose you” I looked at him and felt tears coming up but I couldn’t cry.
“I प्यार आप too” I whispered back at him
“I’m not hungry anymore” I कहा to Carlisle and Edward
“it’s okay Bella” we did enough testing for today, we still have tomorrow to test the human blood”, Carlisle answered back, “go get some rest” he replied further.
I just nodded yes very quietly, Edward grabbed me and carried me outside.
“Edward I can walk आप know” I कहा looking at him with a smile
“I now, I now, but I प्यार carrying you” he smiled back at me
“Were just going home” he continued. Everyone looked at us but I didn’t pay any attention to them I just couldn’t get my eyes of Edward. “Home is the best place to rest for her “he कहा to them without anyone asking so I guessed he just answered there thoughts, the room where they all were was never so quiet as it did now.
“Alice” Keep your thoughts for yourself will ya” he कहा loud and shocked, I just jumped I didn’t saw this coming so I looked at her and I only saw her nodding.
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