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posted by BuffyFaithFan1
CHAPTER NINE: Life Comes At आप Fast...So Dont Blink!...
PREVIOUSLY ON Storyteller:
"So, are we really free? From The Fear? Are we actually gone from that place?" I asked in surprise.
"Yes, Kandice. We are. Were free! But that doesnt mean we can stop to smell the गुलाब here. It just means that we need to get away from here as possible. And as far! So, where do आप NEED या WANT to go?" He asked me.
"Well, theres a kick! Where are we?" I asked back.
"Missouri! We are in Kansas City, Missouri. And we need to go somewhere. But where?" He said.
"How about Forks, Washington?" I asked and he nodded.
"That's a good idea!" He कहा and sped of into the night.
But just as we began to ride off into the day, a huge बी एम डब्ल्यू came and rammed us in the back bumper. I turned around to see who it was and saw Mandy driving the बी एम डब्ल्यू and she was off! She was out for revenge and she would try to succeed. I let my दिल thump again and my eyes widened. Mile looked at me once and let go of my hand and sped off faster than Mandy. The look in my eyes told him it was Mandy. He raced off ahead of Mandy and she followed us behind with her weapons and black बी एम डब्ल्यू with a side of Crazy Chick! But as long as Mile and I were together, she cant conquer us! Hopefully. I turned back and watched the road as it fell under the tires of the car and watched the yellow stripes disappear under the tires too. The buildings and other roads around us flew past us like it was us against the wind and they were the rampaging excited प्रशंसकों cheering at least one of us on!
"BRACE YOURSELF!" Mile yelled and I did. I strapped myself in with the seatblet, and held onto the strap above the window, and the side of my seat. He turned corners and drove SO fast, everything was a blur. I stared with eyes widened, and saw other cars getting closer and closer as he pulled onto the high way. Mile swerved to the left, and went into an off road, and Mandy drove past the entrance. But as we slowed to a stop, we heard the screeches, and she backed up and entered the road. Mile sped off once more, and he didnt stop. I held on, and he drove.
"Get in back!" He कहा and I didnt argue. I let the सीट बेल्ट hit the window, and it left a crack, and I climbed into the back of the car. I saw the look in Mandy's eye. She was SO off, I could feel the चाकू sliding into me like मक्खन just looking at her. Mile hit a bump, and I fell into the backseat. He told me to lay down, and stay there. We were heading...I couldnt see, so I dont know where we were heading. Miles sped forward, and then Mandy screeched to a stop. I got up to look why, and then she turned around and left. I sighed, and turned around to see Mile heading straight for a cliff emptying into water. Mile climbed in back, and he held me tight to him. And three सेकंड्स later:
---------WHOOSH!!!-----------We were in the water. The crack in the window BUSTED open in five सेकंड्स under, and the water poured into the car. It reached the top, and Mile let go of me. I grabbed his hand, and pulled him back to me. I then pointed to the door. I pushed it open, and hew as about to swim out, when I kissed him. He kicked off the edge of the car, and we were RACING up to the water's surface in seconds. The car was sinking to the bottom in seconds. I felt the water thinning out and our lips pulled back from eachother. He let go of me, as did I, and we looked for land. And sure enough we found it. But just as we started to swim that way, Mandy's बी एम डब्ल्यू pulled into the parking lot, and she got out of the car with a चाकू and a gun.
"COME ON KANDICE! MILE! आप CANT STAY IN THE WATER FOREVER आप KNOW!" Mandy yelled and everybody ran to there cars once they saw Mandy and her weapons. We looked at eachother and nodded. Mile kissed me once more, and sped off to shore. I reached out for him, but he slipped through my fingers. I wanted to yell out, but my voice was gone. I then swam after him. We reached shore, and Mandy held the चाकू out toward Mile. And the gun, at me! I looked at Mile who was ten feet away from me.
"You two should really dry off! The wind is cold out here!" She कहा and laughed.
"Yeah, but we can endure!" I कहा and Mile wanted to smile, but didnt.
"Ooh, I like her! She's SASSY!" She told Mile. "No wonder youre taking good care of her!" She कहा and switched weapons. She put the चाकू in her pocket, and aimed the gun back and fort, between me and Mile. She then looked at me, and fired it at Mile. The bullet hit him, and blood splattered on the ground. He fell to his knees, and then on his face. I yelled out and tried to run to his side but the gun now was aimed at me.
"Ah, ah, ah! Stay back princess! या आप are next!" She warned, and I satyed where I was, tears pouring out of my eyes. I wanted to run to him, and stop the blood from emptying out of him, but I couldn't. I heard sirens of cop cars, and my eyes flashed to Mandy, and she dropped the gun. She pulled the चाकू out and threw it at me. I tried to jump out of the way, but it stuck into my leg. Mandy hopped into her car, and sped off a different way the cops came in. They didnt see her, या hear her. It was now just me and Mile...laying on the floor of the shore. I crawled over to Mile, just as the cops pulled into the parking lot. I placed my hand on his side, and felt the चाकू that was in me. I looked at it, and gripped the handle, and with the count on three, I PULLED it out of my leg, and cursed under my breath. I threw the चाकू out of the way, and saw the blood pooling around Mile's body.
"HELP! He's been shot! PLEASE HELP ME!" I कहा and the cops and रोगी वाहन, एम्बुलेंस jumped out of there cars and trucks, and ran over to us. They placed Mile on a stretcher, and put him in the रोगी वाहन, एम्बुलेंस truck, the cops asked me सवालों as a medic wrapped a bandage around my wounded leg.
"Mandy has blonde hair, and wears expensive clothing. Usually black. And she looks like a pchsyco lunatic, but then she might look normal to you. She drives a BMW, and IS pchsycotic!" I कहा and he closed his notebook.
"Thanks ma'am. We'll call आप when we have a sketch. And come down to the station and tell us if its her! And until then," The cop said. "Get some rest!" He put his pen and pad away, and walked to his car.
"Like he said. Get some rest, and just heal up!" The medic कहा and went to the truck. I went to the stretcher.
"Where do आप want him? The Fear? या the hospital?" They asked me.
"The...hospital!" I कहा after thinking which one was best. But then every दिन and सेकंड of my life in there...came at me fast. Tears came up, but I fought them back. I sat अगला to Mile, and was quite till we got to the hospital.
We charged in, and they placed him in room 9. I sat in the waiting room, and watched the TV until I could visit him. The news was on, and they were already talking about the shoot out. They कहा that some one has stabbed a local girl, and shot a local boy. Probably a couple. They are sixtenn to seventeen years, and they have been seen in The Fear. Are they escaped criminals? या are they victims to The Fear?
"I could answer that!" A voice said. I turned to see who कहा it, and gasped as I saw Mandy.
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