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Don't forget to टिप्पणी दे pretty please! :) thnx!

That's how I would do it.

But I would have to have the biggest audience possible. Most people will be near the clock tower, near the castle. Perfect. I would stand underneath the clock tower, in the shadows until noon. Then, just as the sun is in the right place, I will step out into it and expose my skin. The watching humans will see me, and someone will be bound to say something.
All of the comotion will strike the attention of the Volturi, and then they will have no choice but to kill me.
This should work out perfectly. It will be quick, and...
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Sorry it's been so long (been on holiday and trying to like choose all my exam choices for साल 10)lifes been pretty hetic but enough of my life!!! Last time I left off Nessie and jake were going to keep their baby and now we visit them 9 months later. No one actually knows what to expect but the exact being of Aimme (youll know who she is when आप read the chapter) will be discovered in the अगला chapter. Also आप would have noticed that this chapter is from Jakes point of veiw I had a fab time लेखन it and I hope आप enjoy पढ़ना it eaqually as much! Thankz for पढ़ना and please...
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posted by bella01

i am still pinned at the ground द्वारा emmett.i don't know what's going to happen.i can't do anything except to look at bella who is being stalk द्वारा darius like a prey.

"don't worry bella i will not kill आप because i need आप to be alive if i want आप to be my mate"darius said

a growl escaped my lips.bella turned her face towards me then to carlisle,esme,alice,jasper and rosalie.

"bella keep your attention to me"darius said.then bella looked at him again.

then in a flash darius lunched himself towards bella,making bella fly for about 40 miles and then she crashed to a tree.4 of her ribs broke...
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posted by callejahLUVSed
okay guys, now i'm really sorry but i feel like this story is going nowhere so this is the last chapter, and i know it's rushed and i know आप might hate me but i'm starting a new fanfic soon so enjoy

Of course, Quil told Jacob about the किस and of course, Jake assumed it was because I प्यार him, and the और I heard him say it, the और I agreed with him. Eventually, I was just sick of it. *Flashback*
"Look, Quil कहा that आप looked pretty happy while आप were चुंबन him...".
"Jacob Black, that is enough! I DIDN'T प्यार Edward Cullen, but now I'm thinking maybe I do, because he ...".
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posted by MrsRadcliffe
The kiddo

It was the weirdest party aunt Alice had ever thrown; Mom's, Dad's and her graduation party. I don't know anybody but the family, all adults, and some शिशु that some फ्रेंड्स of Alice and mom have. She shouldn't even have celebrated; we should've just left to Forks. She didn't celebrate when Emmett, Jasper and Rosalie graduated.

"Hey! Emmett! Want to bet on who throws the snow ball the furthest?" कहा Colin, who is one of dad's friends, who also became फ्रेंड्स with Emmett and Jaz.

"Hell yeah! Are आप kidding me, It's going to be me, आप know that" he कहा in a matter-of-fact from the...
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Okay so this has been in my mind for a while I need to get it out before I lose it , I am not continuing this now I am finishing my other story first but I am putting the first chapter on फैन्पॉप and then later on Fanfiction when I can write this properly :)
Summary: Bella see’s a gang hurting a homeless stranger, she helps him obviously and takes him to the shelter which  her and her फ्रेंड्स have made, but he seems so smart, so nice so how did he end up on the street?

Pairings : Canon ExB  ( All Human //Alternative Universe)
Rating : T for now
Playlist: Innocent - Taylor Swift 

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Hi! I got some bad news that I won't share with you. Some of आप already know and I trust आप people that know. I have two chapters to post so, enjoy.

Chapter 11
Savannah's POV

I had two और classes to go. And then my family would kill me. Unless Alec stepped in. Which he probably would. Thankfully, Alicia was in both of my classes. When I walked into biology, Alicia was in her seat. I sat down अगला to her. "So, how bad is it"?, I asked. She knew what I was talking about. "They're going to talk to Carlisle and you're grounded for a month". I grimaced. I was thinking about telling her what Alec...
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I awoke the अगला दिन feeling slightly groggy. I hadn’t had a very good night’s sleep. After the realisation that someone may have been watching me my dreams were full of monsters. Well sort of. I dreamed of the creatures from the books. Jacob was a great big भेड़िया with giant teeth and a ferocious growl, and Edward looked quite like Dracula, cape and all. Stupid book, I thought to myself. I shouldn’t have read it before बिस्तर obviously.
Throwing on a dark blue v neck and a pair of jeans I rushed foolishly around the house, getting myself organised. Charlie was still asleep, it was ten past...
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ok people we all know edward is hot.but do आप know why ok here it is!!!!!

1.edward is beyound pretty

2.he can run faster then his famly

3.he sparkals in the sun

4.he is strong.(who dose not like strong boys!)

5.he is a bad boy

ok all of आप can wright टिप्पणियाँ on what i missed. i won't make a fuss about it k. but आप all agrey with me wright.i know some of आप are team jake,emmet,jasper,carlisle या somthinglike that k :D

edward is hot to me i don't care what आप think!!!!:D
posted by teamjane99
a big thanx to renesmee_08, robsessed, happy_aura39, and emmaliecullen for their support and advise on this project. प्यार आप guys!

The plane trip was slow as hell. It took over half घंटा of nonstop boring conversations with my mother and father, and then another three and a half hours of absolute silence between the three of us. I guessed that it was then, after that half hour, that they realized that I was furious with them for dragging me all the way from sunny New Mexico to dreary La Push,...
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Chapter 6.
My trying reply:

The clock loudly ticked and it tocked even louder. I sat and thought, my brain empty. After about ten मिनटों of pure nothingness I decided to start.

Dear Edward,

I did enjoy पढ़ना your letter. It was lovely. आप have incredibly beautiful handwriting. How did आप learn to write like that?
This would be a lot easier if he asked me some questions, he answered mine and left me with nothing!

So आप have a pretty big family, I’ve always wanted a huge family, I don’t really know why. I guess आप didn’t grow up with them from birth. But, आप still must be really...
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posted by twilightchick
दिन 5

*all the cullens wake up*
bella: *stretches* good morning eddy poo
edward: good morning lo- WOAH LOOK AT YOUR FACE!
*they hear rosalies scream from the bathroom*
bella: * runs to a mirror* ohh what happened to me? *cries*
rosalie: carlisle why are my boob are wrinkly and sagging to the ground? * looks down past her boobs to see her feet* AHHH I GOT BUNIONS!!
alice: *wakes up* what is everybody screaming about?
jasper: i dont know babe just go back to sleep...
alice: ok...*...
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*To Want A Vampire*

The air outside was warm and sticky, just like the North Carolina summer should be. I climbed out my window with newly found braveness, stretching my legs down to a पेड़ सूँ ढ, ट्रंक that looked ten times too small. My vampire courage moved me to the branch where I inched my way to the base of the tree.
This is stupid.
What the hell are आप doing Catherine! I yelled at myself.
But I ignored the part of my brain that wanted to go back inside and lay in my warm bed, because that part wasn't nearly as strong as the part that wanted Gregory.
Once on the ground, I set out in a full on sprint....
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Hi! Enjoy!

Chapter 3
Alec's POV

I had been sent द्वारा Aro to check up on the Cullens because it was reported that they had an immortal child. But, I had never thought the child would be my age. Granted, the only reason that Jane and I were changed was because we were about to be burned at the stake and Aro thought it would be a waste to let us die but, I had never thought of myself as an immortal child. The girl was beautiful, but I had a job to do. And yet...there was something about her. I decided to follow my instincts and do my job at the same time. Aro told me to lay low. To blend in with...
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Hi! This will be my final post for today. Enjoy this chapter. Just warning you, it's a little short. Enjoy!

Chapter 20
Alec's POV

I had to protect Savannah from Claude. If Claude told Savannah about Bianca, Savannah would most likely not be too happy with me. I thought back to that dark and fateful time that was spent Bianca. I had loved her. But not like I had now loved Savannah. Claude was jealous. He was always jealous of me. But we used to be close. I thought of Savannah. She had rejected my love. But only because she wasn't ready for a boyfriend. या so she said. My दिल had broken when...
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Hi! This chapter was really hard for me to get out because it has some sad content in it. Enjoy!

Chapter 27
James's POV

"What do आप want to know"? She thought for a minute. "Start with your youth". I sighed. "Alright. I was born in 1661. In Virginia. I don't remember much of my childhood. Only that I was good at tracking. I always have been. I loved hunting too. That's all I remember of my childhood". I do remember a girl that I loved. Camila. She was beautiful. She looked like you. She acted like आप too. I loved her alot. I was turned when I was 21." I paused there. Should I tell her the...
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