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posted by GWENxTRENT
I for got to say that this happend befor breaking dawn and that I'll name the chapters ^^!

so chapter 1 was called: the first sight and bite of a girl name victoria...
chapter 2: Meetings

She finally let me go, letting me fall to the floor. "you are such a pure little girl, your blood is like sweet honey." she said. I knew I was dying, I was about to black out, the last thing I saw was someone या something pushed her out of my way and someone picking me up. And blackout.
>>>>3 hours later

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Hi! There might be some references to Breaking Dawn here on out. Enjoy!

Chapter 30
James's POV

Bella was dying. My mate. I knew the child would kill her. "No"., Edward growled. "Don't आप dare look like that. Bella is not dying". We had just turned her. या tried to. Jacob Black helped start her heart. I couldn't take the taste of her blood so, I stopped. Edward and Jacob were still trying keep Bella alive. I decided to go see my baby. I walked into the living room where Alice was. The baby saw me and reached for me. Alice gave her to me. She looked up at me. "Hello"., I said. "I'm your daddy"....
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Disclaimer: The wonderful Stephenie Meyer owns the world of Twilight and all its inhabitants. I just wanna play with her toys. No copyright infringement is intended.

Designated visiting hours. To Charlie, the term meant that his little girl wasn't going anywhere, at least not that night. He cut the engine and looked around the interior of the cruiser. He collected a couple of gum wrappers, balled them up and stuck them inside his pocket, sneaking a peak into the rear view mirror.

The Volvo was still there....
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Hi! As a treat, I have a Jacob and an Edward POV for you. Enjoy!

Chapter 17
Jacob's POV

I couldn't believe what that bloodsucker did. He लॉस्ट her. In the past, I couldn't stand him but, this was unforgivable. But, I still loved Bella. "Give it a rest, Jacob.", Leah thought. "You didn't imprint on her so, she's not your mate". "Shut up Leah. Sam didn't imprint on आप so, आप give it a rest". She howled. "I'll get आप for that"., she thought. I ran back to the Cullen house and phased back. There was an entire outfit layed out for me on the doorstep. I changed and went inside. "Ew, who let the...
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added by pameee
हे Guys it's me again! Here is chapter 4. of Bella Becomes a Vampire! Enjoy!

Chapter 4. Half-Breed

"Yea it's me, I'm guessing Jacob already told आप why I'm like this." Charlie कहा walking towards Billy.
"Yea, I told him everything." Jacob कहा looking at Billy.
"You look like you're doing alright." Billy said, and then he saw me, द्वारा his expression, I'm guessing Jacob didn't tell him about me.
"Bella?" Billy कहा in shock.
"Yea umm I kinda didn't tell him about आप Bella." Jacob said, his cheeks were getting red.
"Yes, it's me Billy, I'm a vampire too." I कहा trying to keep him calm.
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posted by nataliaryanfan
I looked at the Cullens. Jasper and Alice were holding hands, Emmett was fooling around, Rosalie stared at me coldly, and Edward held me in his arms tightly. I could feel his cold chest against mine. I was wondering what Jacob was doing with his new girlfriend, Sarah. But that didn’t matter now. I was with my family and the प्यार of my life. I glanced at Alice, who was still holding Jasper’s hand. I’ve seen them hold hands before, but never like this. It was as if they would lose each other if they let go. I pushed Edward away curiously.
“What’s wrong?” he asked in a shocked tone....
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i brush my hair and went down stairs when i got down
5 persons went inside the house
wow i mean this house is big but so many people i dont know

they were 2 really big and strong men on was pale ,beautiful and curly dark hair

and the other one had a darker skin he was good looking i guess

then the only woman was a blond girl probably the envy of every super model that had ever live

the other guy was also blonde and also sltong but not too strong

When i look at the last gut that enter i saw that he was already looking at me i couldn't understand his expresion i look away from his gaze confused...
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