टीवी के जोड़ियाँ Out of my TV couples, WHO'S YOUR FAVORITE?

Pick one:
Booth and Brennan- बोन्स
Booth and Brennan-Bones
Danny and Lindsay- CSI: NY
Danny and Lindsay-CSI:NY
Mac and Stella- CSI: NY
Mac and Stella-CSI:NY
Cal and Gillian- Lie to Me
Cal and Gillian-Lie to Me
Artie and Tina- ग्ली
Artie and Tina-Glee
Finn and Rachel- ग्ली
Finn and Rachel-Glee
Jules and Grayson- Cougar Town
Jules and Grayson-Cougar Town
गढ़, महल and Beckett- गढ़, महल
गढ़, महल and Beckett-Castle
Angela and Hodgins- बोन्स
Angela and Hodgins-Bones
Meredith and Derek- Grey&# 39; s Anatomy
Meredith and Derek-Grey's Anatomy
Cristina and Owen- Grey&# 39; s Anatomy
Cristina and Owen-Grey's Anatomy
Laurie and Smith- Cougar Town
Laurie and Smith-Cougar Town
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