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हे guys, it’s me Lionkinglove in another account... the old one got suspended, and needed to make a new one. I will be talking about tunnel town opinions again, and why I think about it. I think it should get और attention and is kind of good, they need to update it a bit. And they need to make it और interactive like aj pc and aj play wild, and that they need to to update it weekly या every single 2 weeks. So yeah here’s some of my opinions on The bunny tunnel town game. Hope too see आप later!!!
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Hello everyone today I will talking about the game, called tunnel town.. it’s about a game based on animal jam.. on how आप need to take care of bunnies and making a big house, aka a bunny tunnel. आप can decorate your tunnel, and आप can adopt bunnies in the market. आप can also look at other people, who are playing the game.. and there own bunny houses too, it is a fun game, and आप should play it too!

I think it is good as the animal jam, version in the pc, and also as good as the one in the mobile version! Also known animal jam: play wild, I hope that everyone of आप here really likes the game too! Also this game is really cool, and hope आप will play
- Dino bunny
- spooky bunny
- chinchilly
- mountain bunny
- vampire bunny
- roadrunner bunny
- rosebud bunny
- unicorn bunny

Also I am sorry and yeh if I was taking so long and that this is really बिना सोचे समझे and I am so tired now.. that I cannot write as much.. when i am not tired..

Also I am very very sorry if this was too short, I promise I will write a longer one, and that it is और better in the listing, and I really hope आप might like it and I hope a lot people read this article, might like it.. so I hope आप will have a great evening या night.
So hello everyone, I am gonna be talking about my opinions on the game “Tunnel Town”, one of my opinions about this game, is, it is kind of underrated. Why I think it’s underrated, is because I noticed that not a lot of people talk about this game या people play this app in general! I kind of wish tunnel town has a bigger fandom, and there is a lot और stuff and items in the game too. I also wish it connects to aj pc, and आप can play multiplayer mode with your फ्रेंड्स and other players!