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A/N: first TF:P fanfiction!!! YAY!!! This is mainly about my OC Electra. Hope ya like it!!!

Summery: Electra is a Decepticon femme with a sarcastic attitude and is quite a prankster. But when Megatron tells her to preten she's an Autobot and earn the Autobot's trust, she सवालों herself about her role in this world. Will she go on the good side and शामिल होइए the Autobots? या will she go back to the Decepticons? Read to find out!!

Chapter 1: Prologue

Location: Jasper, Nevada

It was a rainy दिन in the little town of Jasper. A 16 साल old girl was walking through the town. Her rain कोट हुड, डाकू covered...
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