टॉय स्टोरी Celebrate the Launch of Toy Story 3 with The Coliseum!

LauraThomas posted on Jun 30, 2010 at 10:41AM
To celebrate the launch of Toy Story 3, why not come on down to The Coliseum, located next to Cheshire Oaks in Ellesmere Port on the 24th July!
There's going to be the NEW Toy Story game played on a Wii on a BIG SCREEN.. There's going to be COLOSSAL CONNECT 4 and GIANT JENGA!
Plus more fun and freebies for all the family!
Check it out at - www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=10600073­­42­7­8­29­­74&­amp­;­a­mp­­;re­­f=­t­s

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