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chris: welcome to the the new season of total drama island the incredebul powers lets meet are contestents say hello to the diva of fasion and has a tiny brain lindsay:is this total drama island the incredebul powers chris:yeah lindsay:ok oh आप are must smal then I imagen chris: अगला up is a girl with all brains and is smaller then see looks beth:lindsay is that आप lindsay:yes beth:eeeeeeeeeeeeeh lindsay:eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh chris:lets get on with the दिखाना nexh is a man with that likes to read and is a no it all noah:chris do आप have my mediahelp here chris yeah sure noah*walks aan* chris and the girl with a brain and is a cei courtney:nice to meet आप all and am here to wen this season chris अगला up is a jovenile that has wen its duncan*fors a night* chris:easy your layer says if आप do that आप wil go back to juvu duncan;ok chris:siera,cody,heater,zoey,mike,izzy and tyler toon in after this brack to see what drama happens next
 Maybe Little Miss Emo,is having one of her hissy fits
Maybe Little Miss Emo,is having one of her hissy fits
"WAKE UP,KIDDIES"Chris screamed from his mega-phone.A loud thump came from the girls cabin."OW!!!!!"screamed the new girl Aydan.Aydan stumpled outside to where Chris was standing."You better have a good reason for waking me up at 7 in the morning!!"Aydan yelled in Chris's ear.This girl was Duncan's little sister.Her curly brown and blonde hair barley touched her shoulders. She originally wore a gray sweater and jeans,and she had 3 boys all-over her:Geoff,Harold and Noah."What's going on here"Courtney questioned as she walked out of the cabin."Maybe Little Miss Emo,is having one of her hissy...
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 This is a mystery!!!
This is a mystery!!!
"What is your name?"Officer Melinda(duncan's mom)Payne asked Izzy, "I am Isabella Daniell Casey Mclean, Chris's wife."She कहा proudly, like she had nothing to lose, she turned to Courtney "ok, Did आप kill Chris?"She asked Courtney" ma'am I didn't"She कहा with no emotion in her voice."Where were आप when he was killed?"she asked"At my boyfriend Duncan's house."she कहा turning red a little,"What were आप doing there?"she asked "um......"courtney siad"What were आप doing there?"She asked, her angelic voice becoming irretable"I think आप know what,considering the fact that आप found me in nothing...
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posted by Lolly4me2
I giggled as the school bus bounced me up and down throughout road bumps. I stared at the clouds and smiled.
"Chicken!" I screamed pressing my finger against the window.
"What?" My best friend Maggie asked.
"That बादल looks like a chicken!" I repeated smiling huge. She gave me a funny look then sat back down.
"... Now I dee a duck!"
"What's with आप and birds today, Sofie?"
"I don't know..." I answered continuing to bounce.
"Turtle!... Corn!--"
"Annoying freak who seems to be staring at your chest!" Izzy yelled pointing to Duncan who looked the other way once my eyes turned to him. I scooted onto...
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