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"Welcome to the special of Total Drama Fanpoppers.Since this is the last week,everybody will be shown!We have not one,not two....but THREE co-hosts!*mumbles* but chris only got on द्वारा threatening to sew....




AND..... CODY!

Now i'd like to present the final 2:



Now let's see what the ex-fanpoppers have been up to:
Ella-fant:I've been stalking Justin!Look what i got!!*holds up used band-aid*It was Justin's!!

Fire:What have i been doing?I burned down a buliding and got sent to juvie.

Miranda:I'm a model now!

Nikki:School is hard....

Vanessa:Oh,ntohing much...

Izzy:Well,just chatting it up with my friends!


Brooke:i was gone for a day! what could i do?!
 brooke(her hair is longer cause she got in excensions! lol)
brooke(her hair is longer cause she got in excensions! lol)
okay, a महीना पूर्व i wrote a fanfic about gwen and duncans तारीख, दिनांक and courtney finds out and heather says she likes him. now...more drama!

Chris:okay, so i picked gwen and courtney to stay and have duncan pick a girl.
gwen:do आप know who आप are gonna pick?
duncan:i was thnking i should pick.....

chris:to make the दिखाना longer and add और drama, i borught a new girl. her name is brooke. C'mon out brooke!
brooke: coming! *runs over*
duncan:woh mama!
girls but brooke:*hit him*
duncan:wait a minute. CHRIS! I GOT TO TALK TO YOU!!!
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(At camp)

ok welcome to our c.i.t. camp-Councler
oh yeah this एल be fun-Jacki
just please survive-Brittani
i will try-Jacki
*they hug*
loves ya sis-Brittani
love ya 2-Jacki

(At home)

*walks in*-Brittani
*siting on the couch*-Duncan
*gasps* u didnt break anything-Brittani
nope i didnt-Duncan
good job im so surprissed-Brittani
what was that-Brittani
umm nothing-Duncan
*goes downstairs into Jacki's room*-Brittani
NO DONT!-Duncan
you broke her instruments!-Brittani
it was an accedent i didnt mean to-Duncan
oh man shes gonna kick your नितंब, गधा into अगला week-Brittani
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posted by 7thGradeGenius
One morning in October of 2009, something occured unlike any other, and it was the worst दिन of my life. I didn't know what i was supposed to do after the event, but i just wanted to explain over and over and over why i lied.


Brittani's POV: Thursday, October 1st, 2009, I had scheduled a तारीख, दिनांक with Duncan later that night at a rock संगीत कार्यक्रम for the band प्यार All Day, Rock All Night. That band was our प्रिय band for प्यार songs. Duncan was a bit dissappointed that I wasn't able to get tickets to liek मेटालिका या Fall Out Boy,...
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 Jacki x Duncan
Jacki x Duncan
सूखी घास, घास Muffintop-Duncan
oh baby that turns me on-Brittani
oh really i didnt know-Duncan
SHUT UP!-Brittani
your hot when your mad-Duncan
hows this, SHUT THE FUCK UP!!-Brittani
your sexy when आप yell at me-Duncan
aww your cute-Brittani
HIT ME!-Duncan
umm ok *smacks Duncan*-Brittani
*smacks harder*-Brittani
*smacks Duncan as hard as she can*-Brittani
HURT ME!-Duncan
*kicks Duncan in the kiwis*-Brittani
im so sorry, u कहा hurt me-Brittani
*falls to the floor*-Duncan
*walks in*-Jacki
HAHAHAHA dumbass-Jacki
sorry Duncan-Brittani
HA *walks away*-Jacki
its fine just dont...
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my दिल was sweyed द्वारा an एंजल named मक्खी, ड्रैक, ड्रेक we went out for a साल and he cheated on me and 2 days later we got back together cause he कहा the किस between him and Morah was a mistake and he asked out my friend oon फैन्पॉप over an i.m. her name was Megan(DxCluvr) so she yelled at मक्खी, ड्रैक, ड्रेक and let me know what had happend...its like he took my दिल and tore it then threw it in my face...but another boy mended my दिल he is on फैन्पॉप i wont say who but आप know who आप are if आप are reading...and now मक्खी, ड्रैक, ड्रेक is gone outa my mind and its Drakes fault i commited suicide...he held me down and screamed...
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posted by Fangirl99
 The new kids left to right,Denise,tiffany,samantha, and jimmy.
The new kids left to right,Denise,tiffany,samantha, and jimmy.
Chris:Hello viewers! आप remember me, Chris, don't you? Well if आप dont, lets jog that memory. Theres been two seasons, TDI and TDA. This season will be TDH, also known as Total drama high school!Now, the kids dont know that this is a 3rd season. They think its an ordinary high school. But its really a reality दिखाना that will most likely have brutal,disgustin,challenging, या all three of these combined, subjects ever other day. You'll get to see the drama during challenges, and behind the scenes drama as well. We also were in खोजिए for some teens tro tell them that they were able to go to...
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posted by coolthingsfan14
this episode of total drama restaurant was made द्वारा two fanpoper coolthingsfan14
and बिना सोचे समझे 9747649

cris : (is 4:00 of the morning) wake up every body is time to make the breakfast

chrissy: but is 4:00 in the morning the breakfast is serve at 6 :00 we still got two hours

cris:i know

crissy:i hate आप cris

everyone: me too.

(every one mets at the रसोई, रसोईघर very tire)

summer:you suck cris

alexander:good for me that i bring a bag of coffee .(wile drinking)
(everyone atacks him)
brigette :give me the coffee
alexander:ok *gasps with love*

chrissy:what are we going to do gaffers
heather:we should make...
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एमी ली
Amy Lee
come on hotstuff आप sang for me yesterday-Duncan
we are not starting a band-Jacki
please sis-Brittani
well can i hear that voice of yours one और time-Duncan
FINE!!! but im only गाना no starting a band-Jacki
ok Duncan grab the बास gutar i got the पियानो and singing-Jacki
ok i wanna watch-Brittani
*play "Freak on a Leash" द्वारा Korn Ft. Amy Lee*-Jacki n' Duncan
wow that was really good-Brittani
did आप get it-Duncan
get what?-Jacki
the video of आप singing-Duncan
yep and were...
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posted by coolthingsfan14
as u know there are tdi characters but there will only 12 characters coming back that are










and Harold

the new ones are
katie crawford









and me alexander ( alex for chort)

host cris and chef (as ussualy)

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) : :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
did आप see what she looks like-Cops
oh dont worry she has always been ugly-Brittani
HAHAHAHAHAHA OH thats funny-Duncan
so what i kicked her नितंब, गधा what now i go to juvie-Jacki
whatever आप suck आप freakin सूअर का मांस, बेकन bits are the the enemy THE LAW IS THE ENIMY-Jacki
yeah yeah ok get in the car-Cops
i cant believe it her 7th time in juvie-Brittani
she will be fine i promise-Duncan
thats not what im worried about its the fact that how many people she's gonna put in the hospital-Brittani
well... now that she's gone...-Duncan

(At night)

ok आप know what to do right-Brittani
yeah i have broken...
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That अगला morning, I woke before anyone else-at 3:30 in the morning. Chris कहा he was gonna wake everybody at 4:00, but this was urgent. I quietly got out of my bunk and shook Dani awake. "Dani..." I whispered. "Danielle."

"Hmm?" She looked around. "Britt?" She sat up, her long ponytail matted from sleep. "What do आप want? It's 3 in the morning." She rubbed her eyes.

"Shhh.." I कहा and tiptoed over to Rikki's bunk, and touched her locket, I picked it up off her neck, and she remained asleep. If I know Rikki, it'd take fireworks right above her head to wake her up.

I closed my hand around the...
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uh wow i have never met anyone as bitchy as you-Duncan
yeah andd i'm proud of it, आप 2 can resume making out but if आप touch her i'm gonna kick your ass-Jacki
will she really do that-Duncan
she will-Brittani
*they make out*

(After school at Brittani's house)
oh hi Brittani, hi dirty playa-Jacki
be nice-Brittani
no and why is he here-Jacki
cause he wanted to say he was sorry-Brittani
look i'm really sorry-Duncan
i'm not feakin kidding Duncan i will kick your नितंब, गधा if आप touch her आप little shit-Jacki
would आप feel beter if i told आप that your really hott-Duncan
Brittani is standing right there-Jacki
and आप point is...i कहा it was ok-Brittani
oh well just dont touch her ok-Jacki
i wont-Duncan
*whispers to jacki* hug him-Brittani
there's no way i'm gonna go to my room now-Jacki
ok whater-Duncan
*Brittani and Duncan makeout*

tune in अगला time for anouther episode of DxB Love
posted by 7thGradeGenius
 Kaycee TOTALLY in the mood!
Kaycee TOTALLY in the mood!
Brianna and Christina sat with each other द्वारा thee आग later that night. Gwen and Kaycee sat together, bending the आग with a metal stick.

Finally, to break the silence, Christina's stomach growled.

"You hungry, Courtney?" Gwen asked.

"SHHHH, I don't like that name! And yes." Courtney gripped her abdomen. The brunette dropped her head, her thick brown hair falling over her shoulders.

The blonde teen girl gripped at her stomach and moaned in hunger. Bridgette wasn't an agreeable type to driink blood. Being a vegetarian, she was on a strict blood diet.

Bridgette and Gwen's stomachs growled after....
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posted by TDIlover226
Okay, this is about the most stupid, बिना सोचे समझे story that you'd ever hear!
Me and random9747649 were chatting over IM. I felt like being random, so I yelled I SAWS A PICKLE!
after that, we started talking about what the heck? What pickle? So! I made this story! I've added things from the original story which I had copied and pasted into my journal. I will give आप this story, with added things, then I will पार करना, क्रॉस a line, and paste the original one :D

I was walking down the sidewalk of the Ulysses S. Grant park near the बत्तख, बतख pond. The sun was coming...
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posted by 7thGradeGenius
Once I got to the meter planks, Heather was arguing with Justin and Chris about the challenge being suicidal. I started tiptoeing onto my plank, and it started shaking. "Don't look down, don't look down, don't look down..." I told myself.

Heather sighed and started walking across the plank as if it was no problem. I wasn't even halfway across when she was fully across, then I looked down.

"So long, sucker!" Heather said, and ran away.

I looked straight down at the sharks. "I'm gonna die, now. I'm gonna frickin' die!!!"

"Come on, Brittanya!" Duncan called from the ending side.

"You can do it, Bella!"...
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Staring straight into his eyes again before dawn hit, realized it wasn't Duncan.
I felt the cold air brush against my pale skin,thinking this should of never happened.We were inches away from each other,when i heard two screams pushing against my ears.

My best friend and the REAL duncan were yelling at me to run,my legs फ्रोज़न to the place,my eyes like a statue,she was pointing her चाकू at me again.My eyebrows were tilted down quite a bit.I finally ran like crazy and jumped into my best freind's boy freind's arms.She quickly hugged us,glad that i was probably going to be safe.I still a slit...
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it might b bad bkuz we where makin crap along da road. its about dis girl at skool who is my "friend" nd calls me gay & bosses me around, nd is angry w/ me now bkuz am a little gurilie! :P.

You think आप got us fooled
So many people know आप lie
But we know और than आप think

You cant fake it anymore
We all know what आप are..!

Your the girl
Who says she is what shes not
You little faker आप think your badass but your not!
This is not the real thing
Its not the real her

Somebody expoze her for what आप are!

(This girl, faker, This girl, liar, this girl, wannabee)

Look at आप walking around like...
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posted by Tdilover225
I Made A New Fanfiction And TDI Character!!!!
Name: Rinji Kobayashi

Age And Gender: He's 13 And A Male!!!!!!!

Clothes: His प्रिय 2 Outfits Are These: The First One Is A Black कमीज, शर्ट That Says TDI And Has His 5 प्रिय Characters On It. Also He Has Black Jordans With White Soccerballs On The Side With Black And Red Athletic Shorts!!!! His Other One Has A Dancing केला, केले गाना It's मूंगफली, मूंगफली का मक्खन जेली Time!!!!! Also Green And Black Flip-Flops With Regular Blue Jeans!!!!!!

Looks Like: Rinji Has Black Spiky Hair Like Sasuke's From Naruto, Doesn't Wear Any Type Of Chapstick, Wears A Lucky Beaded-Bracelet,...
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posted by xxXsk8trXxx
Dawn was born in Paris, France in October 14 at 6:21 p.m. Her parents were Josephine and Rusell Vej. The two owned a nice little cafe in the town square. Dawn, back then Amulet Vej, sometimes walked around the restraunt with her mom. When she was 11, she started working as a waitress. She did a pretty good job. Amulet's grades were high, she got a good job, her parents were nice, her life was perfect.
Until April 4th.
Then, Amulet was a nice little 12 साल old. She was staying at her friend's house for a sleepover. Her parents were cleaning up the restraunt in the night, when they got robbed....
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