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Phil: now where back
Phil: evryone get back here your time is up
Chase: but we just started
Phil: i कहा one minute. Ghost go get your freind
Ghost: ok
Phil: each of आप will be chased द्वारा one ghost. आप could विभाजित करें, विभक्त करें up but to win your whole team has to get out.
Alex: what if all exept one gets out
Phil: आप loose, now go
Phil: the victomes are now on the सेकंड floor
killer zombies: ahh!!!
Summer: why is this peverted ghost chasing us
Phil: didnt आप hear me say hes part of the challenge, oh yeah and your right he is a perv
ghost: *starts crying*
Phil: well looks like आप could win but... आप still have to get out
screaming skeletons: *jump out window*
screaming skeletons: yay
Phil: not so fast your missing a teammate
screaming skeletons: हे where is Chase anyway
Chase: *being chased द्वारा ghost* AHH!!!
killer zombies: *jumps out window*
Phil: well we still have time, lets have a ceremony
Phil: I will be handing out body parts keep them सुरक्षित youl need them one day, if आप dont get one youl get to a trip on the scardy car
Phil: hollow, Andrea, Jacki and Aydan, आप are safe, Chase... your out
Chase: *being thrown into the car* i'll be back *whispering to himself* who am i kidding
Phil: will Chase come back, will the ghost stop krying find out and more, अगला time on Total-Drama-the Haunting
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