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Phil: now where back
Phil: evryone get back here your time is up
Chase: but we just started
Phil: i कहा one minute. Ghost go get your freind
Ghost: ok
Phil: each of आप will be chased द्वारा one ghost. आप could विभाजित करें, विभक्त करें up but to win your whole team has to get out.
Alex: what if all exept one gets out
Phil: आप loose, now go
Phil: the victomes are now on the सेकंड floor
killer zombies: ahh!!!
Summer: why is this peverted ghost chasing us
Phil: didnt आप hear me say hes part of the challenge, oh yeah and your right he is a perv
ghost: *starts crying*
Phil: well looks like आप could win but... आप still have to get out
screaming skeletons: *jump out window*
screaming skeletons: yay
Phil: not so fast your missing a teammate
screaming skeletons: हे where is Chase anyway
Chase: *being chased द्वारा ghost* AHH!!!
killer zombies: *jumps out window*
Phil: well we still have time, lets have a ceremony
Phil: I will be handing out body parts keep them सुरक्षित youl need them one day, if आप dont get one youl get to a trip on the scardy car
Phil: hollow, Andrea, Jacki and Aydan, आप are safe, Chase... your out
Chase: *being thrown into the car* i'll be back *whispering to himself* who am i kidding
Phil: will Chase come back, will the ghost stop krying find out and more, अगला time on Total-Drama-the Haunting
*Confessinals (Dont no how to spell it)* Gwen:Courtney is going down eversince she changed to prep to hottie like Lindsay Duncan has been druling over her grrrrr she is stealing my man! *Confessinals over* Heather:Hey Gwen nice clothes where'd आप get it the garbage can? Hahaha! Courtney:Don't be so mean Heather atleast she has a personality. Heather:Hey! *Confessinals* Heather:Eversince Courtney got that makeover she has gotten an attitude. *Confessinals over* Alehandro:Duncan what are आप staring at? Duncan:Nothing nothin nothing. Chris:Hello peoples are आप ready for something big? Courtney:*Sarcastly*...
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posted by Courtney370
Hello everyone..

This is Just an बिना सोचे समझे idea me and my friend had came up with and it's is an murder story... so if आप don't like murder story then don't read it..


*Trent calls Gwen*

Gwen's under Trent बिस्तर

Gwen: hello

Trent: Gwen, where are you?

Gwen: No where..

Trent: What do आप mean द्वारा that?

Gwen: All आप want to do is rape, then kill me..

Trent: Still, I need to know where आप are

Gwen: Noo, i'm not telling you..

Trent: Gwen, if आप don't, I will find आप

Gwen: Whatever..

Trent: Don't worry, I'll find आप *hangsup*

Gwen gets the phone and hold it close to her chest

Trent: I will find her
posted by Courtney370
 Duncan and Courtney take a walk in the city
Duncan and Courtney take a walk in the city
It was a Tuesday night in Canada and Courtney and Duncan was driveing on the highway trying to Get to the mall. Duncan slow down. कहा Courtney Princess all Im going is 80 miles. कहा Duncan But still slow down before आप hit something. कहा Courtney princess can आप just trust me once in while. कहा Duncan no I can't becouse last time we took a ride for a little drive around the town and end up Getting hit. like last time.... कहा Courtney Courtney has one of her flash Back. Duncan!!!!!!!!! Stop the car before we Get hit द्वारा that big car. कहा Courtney I can't stop the car becouse it's break...
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posted by Courtney370
It was 9:00 am and me and duncan lived in canada but one thing changed about us we are married and we have 2 kids. courtney and duncan are in the बिस्तर with his arm around her. duncan wake up. कहा courtney what priness? कहा duncan go and check on चमेली and courtney. कहा courtney why can आप do it. कहा duncan cause it your turn duncan. कहा courtney ok,courtney im going to check on the kids. कहा duncan he got up from the बिस्तर and walk down the hall to the babys room. duncan hears the baby crying. he picks up the baby and hold it in his arms. why are आप crying jasmine? कहा duncan in a nice...
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added by james55
Ok,You know the rules I'm sure so if आप know them आप skip to number 5.First rule:The couples have to be from total drama. Rule 2:I didn't say canon so it can be fanon too.Rule 3:This is my opinion don't bash me for it.So now lets start.

5.Courtney and Duncan
Do I even have to say whats wrong with this couple.First Problem they don't get along I'm mean at all and that's a big Problem wait no that's a huge problem.You can't have a relate with each other causing the सेकंड Problem.Second Problem they won't put each other first.I know Courtney did care for Duncan when he got hurt but that's one...
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Here it is a sneak peek of total drama revenge of the couples starting in December. Yeah!
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i know right
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Enjoy it!
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