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Remember my MLP shipping लेख from when I first joined?

You know, this little thing that makes me CRINGE OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH?

Well, can I please redo that...?

While the point of the लेख is still valid, like the Celestia and Applebloom thing, I have gotten a lot smarter since I was on here in that year.

And yes, I do still ship Dislestia. Why? Because it makes SENSE.

But anyway! What I'm getting out of here is if आप like crackshipping fine. I won't hate आप for shipping something that different from mine, that's...
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Yay, the story with OCs! This should be fun...

Many people don't know this, (because I never tell anyone),

Which आप probably should. It would help आप in the long-run. Oh, who am I kidding, आप probably already destroyed your reputation with that NO और कपकेक thing.

but my fursonas live in a world that is called Darealm. In Darealm, anything can happen. It seems to be a world of paradise, but there is always trouble lurking nearby...

I'll properly explain Darealm in another entry.

Like today.

Let's hear about today...

I was going to keep this a secret, but I decided to spill.


I posted...
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Okay, before I start this, I did make a remake of this article, and I will अपलोड it here.

They often come from fandom.


Sometimes, they are canon shippings.

And there is nothing wrong with that at all.

Fandom shippings can get out of hand.

Sure, but they can also be the best shippings that piece of media has to offer. I have seen some REALLY well-written shipping fanfictions of shippings that aren't canon. Look up the तारा, स्टार Vs The Forces Of Evil fanfiction "Visions" द्वारा I Am A Ridaa.

For example, in a club, I saw a Fluttermac parring,

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Let's hear this one.

The first movie, डिज़्नी फिल्में particularly, are about a couple,

Not lately nowadays. I think there was Tangled, but that's really it.

next thing आप know, the sequel is about their kids. generation...I'll make a whole competent rant about that later...

Don't get me wrong, sometimes I like it,

Any examples? ...No? When do आप like अगला Generation EVER?! I personally think it's okay when it's like the Cakes, या Cadence and Shining Armor, but not when it's a shipping I really प्यार या hate, या when it's a character I really care about. या WHEN THE CHARACTERS...
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What a way to start a story, am I right?

The Darkstone was affecting CABBAGE.

To be fair, Cabbage would be the only one stupid enough to actually trip on that thing.


Let’s all blame Mistress, because I’m sure she arranged it for Cabbage specifically. I’m sure she was just hoping anyone would trip on it. But if you’re gonna write a character like this, आप need to make sure they target a specific person, या specific people.

(Who's a mismagius)

I’m sure your...
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"I can't wait to see this movie!" We were all walking into the movie theater.

Okay, nothing to terrible yet...

As the fursonas all went into the theater, I felt a troubling presence.

I'm impressed आप managed to spell "presence" right, considering आप spelled "PROLOGUE" wrong. Then again, that something I still struggle with.

There, right behind me, was the forbidden darkstone.

Care to explain what that is? Also to understand anything that's going on, आप need to have a very firm grasp on Darealm as a place.

If आप so much as touched it, आप would become hypnotized.

And आप still don't know what...
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In Party of One, Pinkie Pie became depressed and straight maned, because she thought the mane 6 were kicking her out,


but I've noticed some of आप have been exaggerated the story.

Okay, I already know you're going to base your whole argument off of "I don't like Cupcakes, so stop doing it". This is going to be your worst one yet, isn't it?

You've been saying she killed RD and turned her into cupcakes.

Cupcakes was made BEFORE Party Of One, actually, it was made after Call Of The Cutie.

Well, RD is still in the EPISODES, right? IT'S NOT TRUE.

And it's not necessarily true that Toy Chica fell...
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Jim Dear and Darling were out of the house.

Because contrivance.

Lady tried to use their computer...

WOW. NO STORY HAS लॉस्ट ME SO QUICKLY. I JUST-THAT IS AN ACCOMPLISHMENT. If आप don't know what I'm talking about, Lady and the Tramp took place in the 50's, where computers would not become common to own. HOW DO आप INSTANTLY FAIL AT THE सेकंड SENTENCE?!

but a lot can happen on one computer,

Really? Goodness, I wouldn't know, considering these characters from a time period when the internet probably didn't exist.

and she had NO idea what she was in for.

Oh...boy. Also, it doesn't help that dogs...
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