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 Flora Tynix
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posted by ruxi23
So this should be know i will not post them i only want to make a summary because i have to many grammer mistakes to post them . Sorry i hope आप like them , but if आप don't like them it's nothing i will not be angry. Let me know what आप think though टिप्पणियाँ

1. The Stories Season 1
The Trix form a group with some of winx female villain like Diaspro या Chimera and thye alos transform their प्रशंसक intor a witch , Mitzi . They attack the winx and were about the kill them. What will happen अगला ?

A winx club and specialists story

2. The Stories Season 2
Some wizards form a group of seven wizards...
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posted by ruxi23
I read some shocked Winx club Season 5 news and i think आप should knew it too.
This is the new enemy of Winx: a merman that transformed into a monstrous creature, has the sole ambition to rule Infinite Ocean. Thanks transforms pollution magical newts and many other sea creatures mutated into his service.
Are at the service of the terrible Tritannus. Marine creatures such as newts, coming into contact with pollution magical Tritannus are transformed into monsters under his command.
King of the underwater kingdom of Andros, is the father and...
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posted by Winxfairylove
 Bloom Hallowinx!
Bloom Hallowinx!
I know is kinda late for this Hallowinx fanfic,but I hope आप don´t mind!

*at Alfea*
Palladium:Well,I think its time for your group project.
Stella:Eh?What´s that?
Palladium:Its not just a project...as आप know,I like using the simulator room,and for the 31 October which is the Halloween,I am going to send out groups to some dangerous adventures.Creepy ones.
Palladium:Let me finish,please.There will be each groups bigger than just 3 persons.You´ll विभाजित करें, विभक्त करें up and face the horrors.Who will pass this kind of race,will get an A.
Stella:All this just for a good grade?That is so stupid....
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Back at the beach

All of a sudden they start to hear music...

Musa: Flora आप have to come with me
-said smiling and jumping-
Flora: Well, if that makes आप happy then I guess then we should go
-Musa pull her द्वारा the arm and run as fast as she could, they enter to the place and everything was like a 80's disco. They didn't care they were in their swimsuits, they didn't just stop to the rhythm of the संगीत and mostly Musa, is like the संगीत took control over her. They laugh and dance all the time.

Random guys: हे girls!!
-Musa and Flora turn their backs and saw perfection instantly, it was like two...
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 The Creature That The Winx & Trix Battled.
The Creature That The Winx & Trix Battled.
AN: Hello Winx fans! I received a request from link to write a Winx प्रशंसक fiction on Flora and the Winx. I accepted, and I just want to say how terribly sorry I am for being so late on this. If you're mad at me for taking so long, I wouldn't blame you. But, I've been terribly busy with school, family and work so... I have an excuse. Plus, I needed to have an idea for this प्रशंसक fiction, and I didn't get a good one until today. So, here's chapter one. OH! This whole story takes place shortly after season 3. So, the girls will be in their Enchantix still, but, I may change a few events for some characters...
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The students can become true warriors here, skilled in the use of magic and technology!

Red फव्वारा is the Magix college that trains the bravest boys in the Magical Dimension to become qualified Magix experts. They help the परियों and are always ready to lend a hand. The students live in the college. They learn how to use all kinds of weapons, from the most traditional to the most technological. They drive special vehicles that they can use on their missions. Each one has his own personal dragon that he trains with. Red फव्वारा was destroyed द्वारा the wicked Trix but rose again from the ashes. Now it’s even और imposing.