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posted by Princess-Flora

No p.o.v
It was almost winter because all of Magix had been covered in an unexpected layer of ice, and all of the realm’s nature was slowly wilting as the ice froze off any life source. It had been weeks since Helia saw her, and at this point he was starting to believe that she was a person created द्वारा his own imagination; however, he thought this sounded crazy yet he learned to expect the unknown. For Stella she left her window upstairs open while she sat there waiting for a visit, but nothing happened at the days passed by. Now for the others the unknown became all they ever known because these times were hard. As the snow fell from the dark storm clouds that clutter the sky, everyone sat inside waiting for just a sliver of sunshine that would give them hope. Although no one knew what to think anymore, everyone thought the chances of seeing a certain फूल fairy again would be never. The snow continued fall from the skies as if the clouds were crying, but froze with the dropping temperatures. In the distance far away from the schools and city, a click followed द्वारा screams occurred. An unknown person had been watching certain people, and even though he knew the five girls running for lives in the white forests he would spare them any mercy. The reason is he was the one in charge of all the betrayal and he would lie to the Winx and Specialists about his whereabouts because he learned from the best when it came to lies. While the snow fall became heavier, certain spots became spotted with crimson, yet those quickly became covered as another four inches covered the ground and with that everything fell according to plan.

Hi ducklings,so I'm now on summer vacation officially and will be active a lot more, but there will be times I will not be active due to plans so here are the times I will not be on या might be very little, and I have summer assignments but those take not a lot of time since I only have two this year.
June 6 & 7: recital picture day
June 13: dress rehearsal
June 14: recital
July 8-14: Nationals
July 28-31: Yearbook Camp
August 11: School returns
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posted by FloraorStella
Part 5 was requested so I decided to do it. I'm supposed to be studying but... fanfictions come first, lol. Enjoy and please टिप्पणी दे :)

"Ugh. The Trix." Bloom कहा angrily. "What did आप do with my friends?"

"You shouldn't have come here, pixie." Darcy कहा smilling, with her hands on her hips.

Bloom raised an eyebrow. "I asked, 'WHAT THE HECK DID आप DO TO MY FRIENDS!' Heard me, या should I say it again?"

Icy shook her head. "No need for that. You're done for." Icy reached out and...
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"oh cool but h..."
before krystal could speak helia and the winx and specailst had arive
"let her go" demanded helia
"oh your just in time for flora death party her have a seat" dainmioned कहा casting a spell as he कहा a spell to tie them up to a दीवार and watch
"as आप can see when i press this butten her power will absorben and she will be weak while she weak my vampire daughter will drink her blood and flora will become nothing then a pale dead boady hahahahahahaahh" he said
"no floraaaaaaaa"
"krystal would आप do me the...
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*Sorry I took so long. Me and my Mom's were planning for my bday. Which is TOMORROW JUNE 12th YAYYY!! heres what you've been waiting for*

~Winx and specialist~
"Ok what should we do?" Musa asked in a whisper.
"Ok heres what we think we should do. We knock out these guards, then we go and freeze those ladies that are working on Flora. Then after that we get Flora and put a amnesia spell on the ladies so they don't know what happened. Sound good?" Sky and Riven said.
Everyone nodded in agreement.
"Then let's do this." Sky said. He and Riven walked up to the two guards. (keep in mind they're still...
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"4 monthes thanx for asking i was wondering would आप like to have lunch with me" flora कहा hopeing he would say yes
"sure " he कहा sill staring at her
just then the घंटी, बेल rang and helia and flora कहा good bye to each other and parted carnt waiting to see each other at luch.
---------------------------------------------------------------------"flora had drama before lunch with हे best फ्रेंड्स the winx
this includes
stella of solarya
bloom of domino
musa of melody
tecna of zenith
aisha of androse
and flora of landfeya
they were told to make a familey sence with two parents arguing and at the end...
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posted by Flora_xx
 Flora's Sophix
Flora's Sophix
Last time, Flora and Bloom had a little... disagreement but then Flora sensed that nature was being destroyed and she led them to Camelio's village. Flora managed to save the village with her powers but fainted of exhuastion. Sparks flew around her and lifted her higher in the sky then suddenly Flora opens her eyes...

Atherial fairies: SOPHIX!

(The sparks around Flora whiz round and round her then burst to reveal Flora but in her Sophix transformation)

Flora: What...What happened?

Atherial fairies: Congratulations Flora. आप used...
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musa: girls i feel और powerful
bloom: girls we need to get musa to ms.fairergonethe!!

ms.fairergonethe: girls seem's like musa has some power there
flora:how can we turn musa back to her own powers?
ms.fairergonethe: well the spell has to be broken द्वारा फूल of life....if she say's like this she can cause people to die with one hit! it a very rare power!
[ all the girls were in shock]
ms.fairergonethe: also girls how did she get this kind of power?
tecna: she touched an power lone bug
ms fairergonethe: oh my, that bug only comes around about every 1,000 years!
[ the girls were in shock! and thinking...
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stella: what are आप guys........ahahahahah kill it kill it!!!!! ahahaha
musa: क्लैम down stella its only a bug?
stella: its an ugly bug!!!!
bloom: oh stella haha
musa: there आप go little bug
stella: o how can आप touch that!!
sky:hey हे how are things going?
bloom: shy!!!!!!!
[they all hug and kiss]
musa:riven i missed आप so....so....
[riven holds musa in his hands]
bloom:what happened!!
tecna:the bug!!! the bug musa picked up had poison!!!!
flora:it poison her!!!!
helia:flora use your nature powers!
flora:i'll try
[flora use her powers but they don't work]
riven:musa musa!!!!!!!!
 musa and riven
musa and riven
posted by FloraBoricua

Previous chapter: Musa woke up Flora, and Flora was late to meet Helia outside. When Helia and Flora where at the spaceship, during the flight to Linphea for vacations Stella called saying that a Karel wanted to see her. She didn't knew who she was talking about. After arriving at Linphea they started to heard some noises behind the bushes. Who could be the mysterious person?

But then, someone began to walk out of the shadows to their direction, from far away it seemed an enormous person but when it came और closely they noticed it was a small little girl "Rose!!" Flora screamed with excitement....
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