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A Musa – Tecna Friendship One Shot

Author’s Note: I wanna dedicate this one shot to my dear bestie Vitty (3XZ) It’s been three years that I know her and I know her very well now. She’s an important part of my life and now that I am posting this one shot before my birthday. And there are two reasons for that one because Musa and Tecna are my favourites and सेकंड is that their friendship reminds me of me and Vitty. You’re very special Vitty, आप are the only person here on फैन्पॉप who knows me so well. प्यार आप dearie.

Scene I

“So rare we find a friend like you, somehow when आप are around the sky seems always blue” a voice came. I was so happy, “Musa is that?” I कहा and ran towards the voice. I ran and ran and because I was running so fast I fell from stairs I didn’t cared about it. I didn’t give damn care to anything and then I saw Flora with a radio and ... and I was shocked and sad. “Why आप brought it? आप know that I hate it !” I कहा and I was crying at that time. I was sobbing badly. “Hey just be calm dear, I brought it here because I found it yesterday in her room and it’s a single piece her only memory. I thought आप would like to have it.” She कहा and I took that tape from her and placed it closer to me. I wanted to feel that moment again when I heard it first from her. आप must be thinking what exactly I am talking about,right?

A Week पूर्व

Musa: I am just tired of this system. I am not gonna tolerate it anymore I am gonna take my and others right back.

Me: I...I know dear but we can do nothing, she चुरा लिया our डिज़ाइन and gave herself all credits but what we can do?

Musa: I am gonna have everyone’s opinion and if majority will support us we’ll go to the boss.

Actually we created संगीत for upcoming song द्वारा production and Selina and Musa was very mad at her. She called every staff to hall and asked them if they want justice.
Musa: हे everyone, I know it’s none related to this office but I wanna ask आप guys shouldn’t we all get credit and chance to make and प्रस्तुत करे our own संगीत we all work here and this office belongs to all of us right?

1st person: I agree.

2,3and 4th person: We do agree , all of us need a chance.

Sally (head member, senior member) : Ugh..What the shit is this? We all know आप guys can do nothing let Selina make the डिज़ाइन only, she’s perfect.

Selina: Yeah Sally, I am perfect and what आप think Musa, आप can do better than ME? आप know who I am newbie here?

Musa: Whoever आप are, आप don’t have any right to do everything yourself and now as I have got everyone’s support I am gonna tell this to boss and You’ll NEED to do this, doesn’t matter if आप wanna या not.
Staff members: Yeah she’s right; you’ll need to she’s not alone. We all support her!

Selina: (little tensed) Okay guys. I got what आप wanna say and I understand I support आप guys (dramatic and ironic way).

She went away from there. I was feeling so proud that Musa’s my bestie and I was afraid too I knew Selina will take revenge.

I went away for a week as there was function in my house, my cousin’s wedding party but I didn’t know it’ll cause a massive destruction here. Now I regret going.

While I went Selina made a plan to आग Musa या to transfer her in another office and with her cruel फ्रेंड्स she succeed, she trapped Musa and द्वारा gaining Boss’s trust she asked him to transfer her and he did. Musa was forced to go to another country and it created a fear among staffs. Everyone was sad but no one dared to do anything against those oldies.

After I came back.

1 week later

Me: Guess what? I am back with a bang. Where are आप my life?

Krystal: She’s ... (she was afraid)

Me: She’s what?

Mitzi : She’s been transferred to America.

Me: Now, now don’t play pranks with me. I know
आप all know if I don’t see her I become crazy and that’s why आप are doing this right? Musa I am not gonna fall in your trap baby. Just come out look what I have got for you.

Selina: She’s transferred believe me (trying to be innocent)

Everyone was salient no one dared to say against her.

Me: Have आप लॉस्ट it? How can she be and why? She had done anything wrong and she is most hardworking among us all!

Selina: I know dearie and that’s why I am s sad. I wish her to come back.
I cried and cried. Krystal told me everything and I was shocked to hear this. I called

Musa: Hello (in a low voice)

Me: Musa? Are आप there?

Musa: (with happiness as if someone gave
back her soul to her) Oh goodness Tecna आप are back. I...I am missing आप like hell, आप might knowing everything right? (she sobbed)

Me: Oh Musa, calm down baby I am missing आप too and that’s why I am gonna complain Boss about this all.

Musa: Wait wait don’t! I fear they will do the same with you, या maybe और bad. I don’t want आप to get into the trouble. I don’t!

Me: No problem I can survive through that for you.

Musa: It’s not about that we can do it in a better way right?

Me: How?

Musa: Try to make a petition and gain proof against her.

Me: And then?

Musa: After a week give it to Boss and I am sure he’ll help us.

Me: Ok that’s cool, talk to आप later I guess Selina’s coming I won’t tell her about this all I don’t trust her and her friends.

Musa: That’s right my sweetie

Me: (with a sobbing voice) I can’t tell how bad I am feeling right now.

Musa: (sobbing) Me too honey, आप are only one whom I trust and I trust आप और than I do me.

Me: I understand cause I know आप better than
आप do , bye and I promise I’ll bring आप back.

अगला दिन I draw a petition and got it signed द्वारा everyone. अगला major step was to find evidence against Selina and I was goin’ to do it with the help of CCTV footage and I got it with help of my few colleges and they were enthusiastic to help. I got 8O people who signed petition. That’s was huge amount.

After a week later

Me: Now you’re gone Miss. Selina. (As she was passing by)

Selina: What? What do आप mean द्वारा that?

Me: Meet आप in the Boss’s office

And with a smile I went ahead.
In office

Boss: What आप wanted to tell Tecna say it fast?

Me: Sir, I wanna clearly tell आप about this I have got a petition signed द्वारा 80 people of this company and we want Musa back! I have got evidence that she hasn’t done anything wrong.

Boss: दिखाना me.

Me: (Handling him petition and the CD as a proof) Can आप check the footage right now?

Boss: Why?

Me: Because I doubt that if you’ll leave the room for even a सेकंड someone might change it.

Boss: (nodded) आप are right. I will.

He checked everything but he didn’t allowed me to be inside and after a while he came out and कहा you’ll get your answer in a few days. I was little scared as Selina was Boss’s favourite and maybe he’ll forgive so I thought I will wait for a week and then with 2O-3O members I will go to Boss and protest in case if he don’t agree with me.

I called Musa.

Musa: Hi Tecna, how are you?

Me: I am fine and I wanna tell आप that I gave petition to boss and that footage CD too.

Musa: Awesome आप are really awesome, so what he said?

Me: Nothing yet but I will wait for a week and then if he don’t agree I am gonna start a campaign again.

Musa: Oh my goodness why ? Why आप are doing so much for me?

Me: I am not doing it for आप got it? I am doing it for me as I am so selfish that I can’t think to live without you.

Musa: Oh my sweetie, it is too late. Go and have a nap I think आप might be tired doing all this things.

Me: Yes a bit, bye Musa talk to आप soon.

So this is what happened and I was amazed to listen that song. And again I started to talk to

Me: Thanks Flora I was little upset last time.

Flora: Oh dearie I understand, I know how it feels like.

Me: (I hugged her) Thanks for the support.

And she went away. In office Boss didn’t come for 3 days and I felt like he forgot about everything and I need to get peoples for campaign but I didn’t know that I would get a surprise.
In office I opened my ई मेल and checked them and one of was from Boss saying that he’ll come soon and he is out so that he could bring back Musa and he got success now Musa can come back and Selina wasn't punished because there wasn’t any proper evidence but Boss from then didn't trusted her and no one respected her again. Musa came back we all threw a party and enjoyed so much.

Now our friendship grew stronger and we now can do anything for each other. Our staffs salute our friendship and now we never ever trust anyone. Musa and I are head of the office now and only because of our works. And we’ll always be together right Musa?
“Yeah right!” she said.

The End.
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