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Oh, Enchantix
Polvere magica
Potere al massimo Enchantix, piu forza mi dara
Potenza massima
Mi Fata
Potere Enchantix
Ali di Luce, Super Poteri Winx!

Oh, Enchantix
Magical powder
Maximum power
Enchantix, powers upon me
Powerful magical,
Powerful, Enchantix.
Incredible vision,
Incredible power, Winx.

Fesd föl az égre,
Itt vagyunk végre.
Repülj a fénybe.
Ha mégsem szeretnéd,
Fagyaszt a, rideg tél.
Varázs átváltozás,
A hihetetlen csodaerő a kincs.
Így hát Winx!

Enchanti-x! Enchantix
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It was a beautiful morning in Alfea when Bloom gave birth to little Adelinda, who's name means dragon. Bloom smiled and कहा to Stella " Thanks for helping me, getting clothes and all." Stella replied " No problem Bloom." Bloom put Adelinda in the पालना and looked at her, she looked her only with Sky's color of hair. Her eyes were a brighter blue than her's. Adelinda looked at the परियों wide-eyed, she knew who they where The Winx, powerful परियों and who never backed down from a fight. Adelinda hoped to be like her mother one day, proud and strong. Two years later, Adelinda was now 13 years...
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Sorry that this took so long to post it took me a while to find exactly what I wanted to say.
So the विवरण of the episode stated that Daphne's parents plan a welcome घर party for her but the Trix send the beast of the depths to ruin it.
So based on that I was expecting some big party ruined द्वारा a monster like the episode Party Crasher episode eight of season 2. It was similar to it but no buildings were damaged in this one.Plus season six future looks bright even though this episode didn't reveal anything about the plot. Also the theme song for this...
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posted by Princess-Flora
 Desiryee is my प्रिय selkie.
Desiryee is my favorite selkie.
It was quite nice to see some of the specialists for once, lately if they दिखाना any of them it's Sky. Also we got to see the rulers of all the realms; but it would have been interesting to see Krystal there with her parents. While Bloom, Layla, (Aisha), and Stella were at the meeting; I loved that Flora, Musa, and Tecna were getting training from Cordatorta. My प्रिय part was when Flora कहा "it must be the mustache" and Musa कहा "she's delirious". At that point I was turning as bright red as a tomato. I do like they are learning different skills and techniques from the different teachers, in order to master Sirenix. It was nice to see Musa, Tecna, and Flora save the selkies from the monster and Bloom not hog the spotlight. Bloom is my least प्रिय and I loved it when Diaspro put her in her place. I cannot wait for अगला weeks episode.
 My प्रिय three. Flora, Musa and Tecna
My favorite three. Flora, Musa and Tecna
posted by xXmeemoXxx
NOTE : This fan-fiction is not to hate on anyone , okay .


Flora took a deep breath and stepped into the शावर, शॉवर . Her hand held onto the hot & cold handle for a while . Then she turned the handle to the middle to get a warm relaxing शावर, शॉवर . Steam came up , out of the शावर, शॉवर and Flora took another deep breath . After about 8 मिनटों , Flora raised her hand to get her bath लबादा, बागे which was a गुलाबी and flowery soft लबादा, बागे . She put it on and stepped out . Her mind was all messed up . She was sure she saw what she saw . Flora sighed .

I'm probably just over thinking and seeing...
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Open your eyes
open your mind
we are the Winx

if your hand is holding mine
we can fly through अंतरिक्ष and time
and together we'll be sure-fire winners

with a smile आप can enchant,
आप light up our world
we'll fly the moonlight sky together

Open your eyes
open your mind
we are the Winx

It's a magic night
the sky is all blazing
new adventures
are calling for us
शामिल होइए the Winx

We can ride a cloud
no time for hesitating
bring colour to the world
with your imagination
Winx Club forever and ever

if your hand is holding mine
we can fly through अंतरिक्ष and time
and together we'll be sure-fire winners

with a smile आप can enchant,
आप light up our world
we'll fly the moonlight sky together

Winx your magical
Winx among the stars आप are
Winx a mystical
light of fire
under the sign of Winx
•The scene•
The winx arose at 11:30 AM to get ready to go to Lynphea. They took out their hair rollers and adjusted their curls, put on their dresses and shoes, did their make-up, and put on jewlery if they desired. When they finished it was only 12:42 and the specialists would be there in 3 मिनटों with the ship, so they decided to wait out in the Alfea courtyard. Flora was walking slowly in the back of the pack with her arms folded and her head down. Stella stopped purposely in front of her with her hands on her hips. Flora stopped and looked up at her.

"Ahem, what do आप think you're...
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Hello I'm the Winx-Critic, and I remember it so आप don't have to! Well after और than a महीना या so wait (Seriously, the last one came out in the middle of December) Nick finally gives us episode six. But, thanks to multiple sources, I already have a good idea what this episode is about (Nice job keeping the leaks in check, huh?). I know this is the episode Bloom gets her Bloomix, Daphne becomes Princess of Domino (Wasn't she already the princess?) and Diaspro and the Trix try to pull some pointless shit. *sigh* Might as well get started.

*skips horrible opening* Ah that's better. I guess...
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posted by Princess-Flora
1. I was very surprised ! I did not expect to win this महीना because there were others who deserved it as well :).

2. My प्रिय character is Aisha / Layla ♥,She is talented, beautiful, intelligent, kind, caring, loyal, friendly, sweet,brave, understanding and amazing!

3.Bloom - She is a Mary-Sue, Annoying, Attention seeking, selfish fairy who always gets the spotlight in the show.

4.I Like most of the transformations but my प्रिय would be Harmonix and Enchantix ♥.

5. I would say Sophix, It is a terrible Transformation.

6. I प्यार how Everyone is so friendly, understanding and caring ♥.

7. It is perfectly fine the way it is.

8. The good plots!

9. Season 3 - Best plot, Transformation and Villain ♥

10. Season 6.

11. Pixies - They are so cute ♥

12. Faragonda, She is very intelligent and i प्यार how she cares for her students.

13. It is the perfect the way it is :D

14. I am not sure xD
posted by Princess-Flora

Author's Note: this प्रशंसक fiction will be ending soon, and slowly all secrets will be revealed, but don't worry I have other ideas that will be पोस्टेड once this one and Change are finished.

No one’s p.o.v
A reporter stated four teenage girls were now dead after a shooting, and the fifth’s fate is undetermined. The teens were Diaspro, Krystal, Chimera and Savannah while the twin sister Flora is waiting her fate at the hospital. Magix police are searching for the killer, and if anyone has any information on this mysterious figure please call the number listed on the screen below.
However for...
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 Musa2002's icon. Credit: SapphireBlighia
Musa2002's icon. Credit: SapphireBlighia
हे everyone! I am so sorry for the delay, but it's finally done! I've been very busy lately which is why I wasn't very active. Anyways, here's the interview with our FOTCOTM April winner: Musa2002!

1. Congratulations for winning FOTCOTM! How do आप feel?

I feel happy that I won FOTCOTM. I know there are other Musa fans, so I want to thank the प्रशंसकों for voting me as the Biggest Musa Fan. :D

2. What is your प्रिय thing about Musa?

My प्रिय thing about Musa is her personality. I प्यार how she and I have very relatable personalities. I also प्यार how she was the most tomboyish Winx from Seasons...
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posted by winxoxoclub
Past: Belle turned her head and saw.....

Oval shaped, glittering green wings! She looked forwards and started jumping up and down, and finally started to fly. She let the wind- well, the air swooshing for her wings- hit her back.

-groan- Belle turned her head. HOW DID THAT UGLY THING GET IN HERE?! Thought Belle. EEKK!!! Belle cried out. Bloom came in running with a tray of cookies. "Belle, आप got your wings!" She cried and dropped her cookies, and stared at the monster. "Darkar." She spat at him. He wiped it off her face. "Fairies. So immature." He spat right back at her, and gave her a dark...
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posted by dragonwinxbloom
i dont own anything
It's a brand new day
The sun is high up in the sky
One और adventure
We must be ready for the fight
Together we're stronger
And that's why we will always win
We'll face the danger
This time we're gonna save the world
And just like last time
We're gonna wipe away the dark
We gotta make it
No time to hesitate
But still...
Sometimes I look at myself
I wonder
Will I be strong enough?
And will I make it to the end?
My फ्रेंड्स keep tellin' me

You're the one
Who can do the incredible things आप do?
You're the best
And baby आप deserve the gift आप have
(Can't आप see)
आप are strong
आप fight against the demons every day
You're a star
Remember where आप come from, who आप are
Come शामिल होइए us!