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“What do आप mean, he’s gone?”
Elena told Stefan Damon was gone and so was Katherine.
“I mean he’s not here anymore” Elena कहा nervous. “He’s left…with Katherine” she added a little bitter.
“Maybe he’s with Ric” Stefan tried to reassure her. “They haven’t been able to talk since…the events”
Elena took her phone and dialed Alaric’s number. When he didn’t pick up immediately she got angry. “Goddamn it, Ric, pick up your freaking-”
“Ric!” Elena said.
“Is something wrong?” Alaric asked. Dumb question, if nothing was wrong Elena wouldn’t be cursing.
“Depends…please tell me Damon is with you” she कहा trying to keep her voice in control.
“No, he’s not” Alaric said. “Elena, what’s going on?”
But Elena had already hung up. She turned to Stefan who could tell from her expression Alaric didn’t know anything.
“He can only be at one place. Come on” he said, grabbing Elena’s hand and running her outside to his car.
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At least that people believe (I’m not one of them) people are calling a horney कुतिया, मतलबी I mean what the hell with the hate? Everyone now especially stelena प्रशंसकों hate her because she gave up on Stefan so easily they hate her and they are so disappointed in her because she knew he was under “compellation”, she a selfish कुतिया, मतलबी because she isn’t willing to spend her whole life saving Stefan really??

I mean just look back from S1 until now, look at what she had to endure and put up with Stefan, the guy comes to her life and from then lies to her about what he is, who he is, who he was. He lies...
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Ever wondered what the characters of TVD would sound like giving voicemails? Here’s your chance to find out!

Damon: Hello, you’ve reached Damon Salvatore. I am not available at the moment. I’m chasing my brother’s girl, at the grill drowning in my sorrows, या I’m fucking and abusing girls to get my mind off Elena. Please leave a message and I’ll kill- I mean call आप later. *beep*

Stefan: Hello, you’ve reached 1-900-PUSSY-VAMPIRE. I’m not available at the moment. I’m too busy either brooding over the fact that my balls left me and I’m less of a man then my brother is या I’m...
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Alaric खोजिए लोल
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