द वैंपायर डायरीज टीवी शो My faves from "Ghost Town." Yours?

Pick one:
Jeremy and Anna holding hands
When I kill someone they're supposed to stay dead
Please tell me that's a recipe for witch कुकीज़
They made it clear they're never coming back/They pinky swear?
Jeremy/Anna किस
Masoooooon!!! (God, I've missed whiskey *smashes the glass against Damon*)
Or, maybe I should do this *smashes Stefan's head against a car*)
Actually, I want an apology/*Alaric laughs* good luck with that
What do आप know?/I know आप need to apologize/You gotta be kidding me
Damon's (heartfelt? lol!) apology to Mason
आप think I'm leading आप into a trap?/Thought crossed my mind.
Special cameo द्वारा Damon's soap bowl!
Aren't आप supposed to be all-knowing?/I'm a ghost, not God
I don't need revenge, Damon, I need redemption
I don't want to be alone anymore — Jeremy & Anna say goodbye
आप wasted your whole life taking care of me, now you're dead & आप still (cont)
Anna/Pearl hug (TT. TT)
आप are stronger than all of this. I'm so proud of आप
Yeah, well, I didn't mean it with him.
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