द वैंपायर डायरीज टीवी शो Things I think writers should have handle better, becasue they seemed forced/unrealistic for me. Which one do आप agree with?

Pick one:
1.Bonnie living totally on her own
2.Klaus sudden interest in Caroline
3.Vampires who spent 900 yers on coffin dealing oh-so-great in XXI century
4.Hints about Alairc's violent past dropped without explanation
5.One-episode-lasting Matt/Bonnie deep friendship
6.Stefan saving Matt instead of Elena
7.Esther's हार magic (some closure/explenation maybe?)
8.Bonnie's "friends" never being there for her
9.Damon meeting Elena at the night of the accident
10.Desperate need to get every character a प्यार interest
11.Cuting out human beings/everyday life stuff out of the दिखाना
12.Where do the वैंपायर get money for the living?! Big houses,clothes,alkohol..
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