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Jeremy opened his eyes and looked around. He was in the hospital, but everything was bright and it was extremely quiet.
“Hello, Jeremy”
Jeremy turned around and couldn’t believe what he saw. या who he saw.
“You seem to be a little shaken. What’s wrong?”
“Am I dead again?” Jeremy asked.
“No, don’t worry. You’re unconscious. Though आप almost died. Your friend Bonnie tried to kill आप again”
“Do आप have any idea how contradicting that sentence sounded? Friend and kill are two words that don’t fit together”
“This had to happen. आप had to be unconscious to understand...
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“There आप are” Bonnie कहा and she dragged him over the cold, dusty ground.
Damon hooked his fingers in the ground, boycotting Bonnie as much as possible. He would get out of here, even if it meant breaking every bone in his body.
But Bonnie just dragged him with her as if he was a rag doll. “I told आप आप shouldn’t try to escape. आप know that’s a bad idea”
She dropped him in the center of the cage.
“Before I kill आप there are a few things आप have to know” She rolled him on his back with her feet. “You’re evil. You’re a worthless, useless waste of space. You’re not...
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“I’ll be back” Bonnie said. “Don’t try to go anywhere, आप know what happens if आप do”
She walked out of the cage and left. She reappeared in the ICU of the hospital where Jeremy lay in coma.
She walked to the बिस्तर and lay her hand on his heart. She felt how it heated up and soon the curves on the monitor went flat and a long tune was heard. She disappeared right before the medical staff rushed in.
She reappeared in Damon’s cage and gasped. Even in this darkness she could see the cage was empty. He was trying to escape.
Damon slowly walked alongside the rough walls, his fingers...
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“You’re too kind”
Even if his current state Damon found the strength to be sarcastic. “Can I ask आप something? Why did आप have to bring Stefan into this?”
“Oh, Stefan. Good, old Stefan” Bonnie sighed. “It’s not like he was involved right from the beginning. When Katherine pretended to be Elena and Stefan brought her to the hospital after taking some sleeping pills, I told Stefan there was a way to bring the real Elena back instead of waiting for it to happen”
“And that involves torturing me?” Damon asked.
“No, that’s just for fun” Bonnie कहा shameless.
“And me...
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Bonnie sank down अगला to him. “I’m sorry” she said. “For your arm, your eyes, your ear, your chest. I don’t want to hurt you, but when you’re around I get really mean. आप bring out the worst in me, Damon Salvatore”
“I figured”
Why was he talking to her? He should just ignore her.
“Don’t आप ever wonder why no one saw the cuts in your face?” Bonnie asked. She felt Damon shrug and he groaned. His arm hurt.
“The spell I put on आप let’s people only see what I want them to see” Bonnie explained. “It’s quite exhausting, but soon I can just drop that part of the spell....
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Damon wished he would stay unconscious until he died, so he wouldn’t have to feel anything anymore. Part of him wondered why he didn’t just switch off his humanity, so he wouldn’t feel any pain. But if he wouldn’t feel the pain, neither would he feel the joy he felt when he thought about Elena.
Elena. Damon hoped she would never hear that message on her voicemail. He hoped Stefan would be decent enough to erase that message.
Stefan. Damon knew his brother hated him, but this much? Then why did he sacrifice himself to save his life? Why did he शामिल होइए Klaus to get the cure? And where was...
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Bonnie unchained Damon’s other hand and he dropped on the ground. With his unbroken and unbitten arm he tried to drag himself out of the cage, though he had no idea where the entrance was.
He felt how Bonnie grabbed his foot and dragged him back. In a reflex he kicked her and she fell backwards.
“You son of a bitch! My lip’s bleeding!” Bonnie cursed.
Damon kicked her again.
“You’re going to pay for this!” Bonnie exclaimed furious.
Then everything went quiet. Damon waited for Bonnie to do something horrible, but another aching stayed out.
Then Bonnie lifted up her feet and stamped his broken arm with her high heels. She grabbed his hair and dragged him to the wall, throwing him against it.
“You’re not playing द्वारा the rules, Damon!” she कहा furious. “No one told आप आप could try and get away from me!”
Damon tried to open his eyes, but the vervain burned too painful. Now he had लॉस्ट his sight he had to count on his hearing. And Bonnie gladly took advantage of that. She slowly step around Damon, waiting a few सेकंड्स after each step.
“What are आप doing?” Damon asked anxious.
But Bonnie didn’t answer.
She held a horn in her hands and held it right अगला to Damon’s ear.
“What are आप doing?” Damon repeated. He tried to feel where Bonnie was with his free hand.
Bonnie grabbed his hand and turned it on his back, until she felt it break. While Damon cried she pressed the horn, which drowned his voice.
Bonnie stared at her nails. They had bits of Damon’s flesh underneath them. “Damn it, I just had my nails done” she muttered. She looked at Damon’s hurt face. “I hope आप understand I have to do this. I could’ve taken down all vampires, but instead I focused on आप only. आप should be grateful for the rest of your kind”
“Thanks” Damon mumbled sarcastic, but it was good enough for Bonnie.
“Hmm” she said, और to herself than to Damon. “Stefan left me some vervain to help me keep आप in check”
Stefan, Damon thought, when I die (he was certain he would) I will haunt you...
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“That’s enough” Bonnie कहा and Damon stopped feeding. Bonnie was so kind to wipe the blood of his chin. “I understand what Elena’s sees in you. I mean, आप are hot”
“Leave Elena out of this” Damon muttered.
“Yeah, I wish I could, but the thing is, आप are connected to her” Bonnie said. “No, not in a related kind of way. You’re not family. But her दिल beats for the two of आप and she, the real Elena, will come back for you. Stefan will keep her away for a while, but eventually she will come look for आप and find you”
“I don’t want her to see me like this” Damon...
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Damon woke up and looked around. It was pitch dark, but he knew actually where he was. He felt blood streaming over his arms and on his naked chest. He looked up and saw the blood was coming from his wrists. The cuffs were cutting in his flesh and due to Bonnies anti-healing spell his wounds wouldn’t heal.
He jerked his arms, but the और he jerked, the sharper the cuffs cut.
“I wouldn’t do that if I were you”
Damon looked around, trying to see where she was.
“Each time आप do that a little bit of flesh is sliced, so do that for an घंटा या so and आप will be free, but आप will also...
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“I should go check on him” Stefan said. “Make sure he’ll be okay”
Elena nodded.
“You should go home, Elena” he continued. “I’ll call आप as soon as I know my brother’s safe”
“No, I want to come with. I need to know he’ll be alright” Elena protested.
“Elena, I promise आप I won’t let anything happen to him” Stefan said. “But like आप said, you’re not yourself. आप can’t take care of yourself. I can’t protect the both of you”
Elena shut her eyes. “Alright, then” she कहा soft.
“Ask Caroline to give आप a ride home…or stay at the party” Stefan said....
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Run, that’s all he could think about. He had to run before she would catch up with him. And as he ran, he felt the aching coming back. His back started burning again, his head bounced and with every step he took it was as if thousand needles stung in his feet. But he had to keep running, for he had to stay ahead of her.
A few yards further he heard two voices argue. He recognized the voices. He wouldn’t count on the male one, but the girl would listen to him, she would understand, help him.
“Elena, wait!” Stefan yelled. After his proposal she had jumped out of the car and ran away.
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Jeremy’s eyes bulged as he stared at Damon like he had betrayed him. Damon let go of the पेंचकस, पेचकश and fixated his eyes on the blood.
“What?” he कहा confused. He looked at his hands, which were covered in blood and he crawled backwards.
Upstairs Alaric was finally liberated from the invisible force and he raced downstairs to the kitchen. His face went pale when he saw Jeremy lying on the ground, bathing in blood. He saw Damon, sitting in a corner, his expression shocked and confused.
“What have आप done?!” Alaric yelled, paying no attention to Damon’s wounds. He ran to Jeremy,...
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It’s just a party, Damon had to tell himself when he knocked the Gilbert’s house door. However, it was Alaric who opened it.
“You’re looking for Elena?” he asked frowning.
Damon smirked. “No, Ricky, I was hoping आप could do me the honor of being my तारीख, दिनांक tonight” he कहा sarcastic.
“Sorry, Damon, you’re too old” Alaric joked back. Then he was serious again. “Ehm, Elena left five मिनटों ago”
“She did?” Damon asked confused.
“Yeah” Alaric said. “Hey, why don’t आप just get inside, pour yourself a drink, then I’ll change clothes and go with you. Jeremy can come...
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Elena was in her bedroom, finishing her makeup, when the doorbell rang. Expecting it was Damon she kind of jumped off the stairs and hastily opened the door. Her enthusiasm dropped in her shoes when she looked in Stefan’s face.
“Oh” she कहा impassively. “It’s you”
“It’s me” Stefan smiled. “Not happy to see me?”
Elena shrugged.
“Damon send me” Stefan कहा and Elena’s face cleared up. “He asked me to escort आप to the party, so आप can meet him there. He had to do something and wasn’t going to make it on time”
A big smile appeared on Elena’s face. She grabbed...
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“What is this?” Jeremy pointed at the spell book.
“That, my dear Jeremy” Bonnie कहा in a sugar-sweet voice as she walked downstairs. “would be my spell book. आप know, the book with spells?”
“Since when are आप into this whole voodoo crap?” he asked, referring to the doll.
“Well, because it’s fun, Jeremy” Bonnie pulled her shoulders. “It’s fun to see him फ़्लॉन्डर, अशुद्धि like a मछली on land. It’s fun to be able to hurt him and see and hear him screaming, even though I’m not around”
Jeremy frowned. “He? Who he?”
Bonnie held her head diagonally. “Oh my sweet Jeremy,...
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Jeremy was standing in front of Bonnies house. Caroline had told him about the party tonight and he planned on offering to escort Bonnie to it. Part of him कहा ‘Screw her, dude. She dumped आप to hook up with Damon Salvatore, the dick that killed you’, but another, much louder part said: ‘You still प्यार her and despite what she’s done आप want to give her another chance. She would do the same for you’
But after knocking several times he understood his ex wasn’t home. He considered going back home, then figured it wouldn’t hurt if he just waited inside. And so he opened the door...
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If looks could kill Bonnie would’ve been dead right now. She, Elena and Caroline had just finished lunch and they were now walking through the shopping street. Elena had been shooting dirty glances at Bonnie all day, but Caroline was too busy talking to notice. या so they thought.
“You have to keep your eyes on the दिखाना windows, not on Bonnie” Caroline कहा a little annoyed. “You’re not wearing her tonight, Elena”
Elena shrugged and jerked her eyes from Bonnie. The अगला moment she let out a shriek. Caroline and Bonnie jumped up and looked at Elena, who was pointing at a dress in...
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Matt banged on the door and Tyler stumbled out of bed.
“I’m coming!” he shouted. He walked to the front door and as soon as he opened he saw a fist aiming for his face. The अगला moment he lay on the ground, Matt standing over him.
“What the hell?” Tyler muttered, touching his nose.
“Stay away from Caroline” Matt कहा threatening.
“What the hell are आप talking about?” Tyler कहा as he scribbled up and his nose was healing.
“She told me आप were with her” Matt कहा shaking.
“Where?...Oh” Tyler started to understand. “Look, Matt, it’s not what आप think. It’s not...
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