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True Name; Jeromeah Steaper
Title; The Steambro
Pseudonym; Above
SacredNumber Handle; reapersRepair
Should it tickle your fancy, explain their names here; Works on complex machinery from Iachae

Element; Wind (Sky, division of Weather)
Godde/Spirite of; N/A
Weaponised skill; CAN THROW WRENCHES LOL
Generalised skill; Mechanics
Miscellaneous skill; Yanderecide. c:

If applicable, Imp species; N/A
Do their priests/priestesses live on their land; N/A

Lovedy?; None
Wedmrite?; None

Fisticoup?; None
Scarfity?; Eew.
(Insert new version of pseudoromance if applicable);

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posted by SierraDawnV2
Character's Full Name: CandyPants Rebecca Bradshaw
Reason या meaning of name: Her parents wanted her to be 'different'.
Nickname: CP
Reason for nickname: It's shorter.

Birthdate: June, 10
Astrological Sign: Gemini

Age: 14
How old does s/he appear? Her stature makes her look 9.
Eye Colour: Lavendar
Glasses या contacts?: She secretly wears contacts because of impaired vision.
Hair colour: Mostly black, since VirusPants was killed.
Distinguishable hair feature (bald, receding hairline, etc.): Really long, and styled to look like she fell out of bed. 
Type of hair (coarse, fine, thick,...
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posted by thetacoman
"There is not nearly enough violence in this fic," कहा Dominic, looking over the screen of the shiny new laptop Mudaik got using his Nimean government funds. That he really didn't deserve.
Well, screw that, he did conquer a large territory in the name of the Empire.
In any case, he had decided that today was the दिन to become a useless plug-in baby, so he wrote his first fanfiction.
"What do आप mean?" asked Mudaik. "The one dude fought a huge terrorbeastie!"
"Exactly," कहा Dominic. "Not nearly enough."
Mudaik's laptop pinged. Someone was prophesying his arrival on SacredNumber.

OO; Hey, bro....
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posted by thetacoman
Full name: Mudaik Mad-Shah
Nickname(s) या Alias: Muddie. |3
Gender: Male
Species: Nimean
Age: 17?
Birthday: No remembrance
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Nationality: Nimean
Religion: Christianity
City या town of birth: Doesn't remember
Currently lives: In या around his own/CP's house
Languages spoken: 3; Nimean, Arabic, and English
Native language: Nimean/Arabic slang
Relationship Status: Taken द्वारा CP. :3

Height: Six-foot one-inch
Weight: 190 lbs.
Figure/build: Lean from running
Hair colour: Dark brown
Hairstyle: Messy bedhead
Eye colour: Brown
Skin/fur/etc colour: Tan
Tattoos: None
Piercings: None...
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posted by SierraDawnV2
Malachi quicksheet

Full name: Malachi, Spirite of Redheaded Step-Children
Pronunciation: ... N/A
Nickname(s) या Alias: Malachi
Gender: Male
Species: Devine being.
Age: Physically 17 
Birthday: May 5th, he says.
Sexuality: Heterosexual.
Nationality: Scotland, he says.
Religion: ....
City या town of birth: *shrug*
Currently lives: Wherever his new best friend Echo lives. CB
Languages spoken: He can speak 19 languages.
Native language: Scottish, he says.
Relationship Status: Single.

Height: 5'2
Weight: 110 lbs.
Figure/build: Kind of scrawny and small.
Hair colour: Bright orange.
Hairstyle: Floppy...
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posted by SierraDawnV2
Echo Quicksheet

Full name: Baritone, Spirite of Sound
Pronunciation: ... There is no way I'm लेखन that all out.
Nickname(s) या Alias: Echo
Gender: Male
Species: Divine Being posing as a conduit
Age: Physically 18 years old
Birthday: Unknown
Sexuality: Bi-sexual. Women sometimes get boring.
Nationality: Unknown, some say Australia
Religion: ... He believes in himself.
City या town of birth: Unknown
Currently lives: Wherever he so chooses. 
Languages spoken: He can speak 12 languages fluently.
Native language: Latin.
Relationship Status: Single, but he has a specific girl in his sights. आप wouldn't believe...
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