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Oh and in this story there might be Percia/Jason, Percia/Connor, Percia/Travis, and Percia/Ares केबिन

It was a normal दिन at Camp Half-Blood. Well, as normal as आप can get with being half-bloods and all that. That is until......Connor and Travis were planing the prank of the century! On a typical Tuesday morning, Percy Jackson woke up...

Percy's POV

When I woke up I was surprised to find Connor and Travis at my door. When they offered me blue soda I got suspicious but I drank it because आप know well, know that my प्रिय drink is blue soda. Then I felt drowsy again so I fell asleep. But...
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Perci Goddess of love. Perci's POV

Percy Jackson for defeating the giants we again offer the gift of a सीट on the Olympian Council Zeus कहा to me.This was a great offer and I loved it.So I did what was natural.I कहा Yes I accept this offer.And will आप accept any सीट आप are दिया on the river Stix ?Zeus countered.I accept was my offer.Great so what goddess shall आप be?WHAT,I yelled a little too loud.Well of course आप will be a goddess Zeus said.If आप we're to be a god आप would uneven the numbers of the council 8 to 5 so if आप शामिल होइए and Hestia joins again it will be even.So what goddess...
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Watch until the end! There is also a dancing bird... Who says पुस्तकें are boring???
the लॉस्ट hero
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This is the दिन when she discovers Percy missing, I am लेखन the way I think it is.

The morning sunlight streamed through my cabin. I stretched, yesterday was wonderful, I thought as I got up from my bunk-bed. The past three weeks had been the best of my life, I wasn't just Annabeth Chase, the girl that has the smart mom. I was Annabeth Chase, survivor of the Titan war and girlfriend of the guy that saved the gods. I cannot tell आप how many envious looks I have gotten from girls about that last part.

I finally emerged from the warmth of my बिस्तर covers and stood up. Saturday, what a lovely...
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I have been rereading The लॉस्ट Hero at least 3 times and this is what I have come up with:

1) Hera switched Percy with Jason so Percy will probably go on a quest for Hera

2) Percy will meet Jason's old friend's and may not get accepted easily because the Roman's are harsher!

3) The Roman's will not tolerate weakness so Percy can't be scared so we don't know if he will still be funny या serious!

4) आप DECIDE!

5) आप DECIDE!

6) आप DECIDE!

7) आप DECIDE!

8) आप DECIDE!

Keep going, tell me some clues, then we won't have to be clueless !!!!!!!!!
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