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 Rogue Savina - Smurfs (Prototype)
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This सूची is about the five smurfs that I like the most. This सूची is only about the smurfs so Azrael and the human characters are not on the list.

5. Brainy Smurf

Brainy Smurf is a overly smart smurf who gets on the other smurfs' nerves quite frequently. He has और personality and is और memorable and funny than most of the other smurfs.

4. Lazy Smurf

Lazy Smurf is a smurf who likes to sleep. He lives up to his name well. He is a 1 joke character, but at least his 1 joke is often funny and amusing.

3. Papa Smurf

Papa Smurf is the guardian of Smurfette and the male smurfs. He is a responsible...
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One song you've never heard before is "Smurf the World".That's because there's one special प्रशंसक out there who she and her friend have sung since we learnt about the Michael Jackson song "Heal the World". I took on from it with Harmony Smurf and this is how it goes (The chorus).
Smurf the World, make it a smurfier place. For आप and for me and the entire Smurf race. There are, smurfs dying, if आप care enough for the live ones. Make a smurfier place for smurfs and for me.

Harmony Smurf and I hope आप like the song.

Smurfie-Fan and Harmony Smurf
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So do all remember the Smurfs episode where Vanity breaks his toe and then he gets an operation the all the other smurfs give him attention then jokey gets jealous and pretends he fractured his funny bone then Brainy becomes a doctor and all the other Smurfs are nurses and they don't give him the same treatments as they did with Vanity.
I wonder why Brainy would wanna operate on a person I mean he's a know it all but he's not a professional surgeon.
If any of आप saw this episode tell me what आप think
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