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well this my first time लेखन so here.

आप walked in the डब्ल्यू डब्ल्यू ई looking how great the building was then आप bumped in the shield.

Y/N: oh I'm so sorry
Dean: it's ok we know your new here
Seth: yea your Y/N right
Y/N: yes
Y/N: well Mr.Mcmahon कहा I had to find my mentors to दिखाना me around
Roman: well guess that's us
आप looked into roman's eyes and thought they were cute but आप didn't say it. while they were talking आप just stand there gazing into roman's eyes.
Dean: Hello Y/N hello
Y/N: huh
Seth: well we'll दिखाना आप around -winkes at her-
Y/N: ok -blushing-

ok so there's always a little twist in my stories