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The Saturdays like the Spice Girls?

I’ve seen many similarities between the two groups. Not saying that The Saturdays are as big as The Spice Girls, but I surely hope so. The personalities in the group just remind me of their similarities.

Geri (Spice Girls) and Una (The Saturdays) : Both have good vocals. They are both red heads and are the spunk and feisty of the group.

Mel C (Spice Girls) and Vanessa (The Saturdays) : Both most talented vocally in their group. Both carry out each single and have a really down to earth personality.

Emma (Spice Girls) and Mollie (The Saturdays) : The blondes...
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posted by oneshyguy46
 The Saturdays are soon to launch संगीत कार्यक्रम in June
The Saturdays are soon to launch concert in June
The The Work Tour is the debut UK tour द्वारा British pop girlband The Saturdays consisting of 16 dates. The tour supported their first studio album, Chasing Lights.

Tour Dates

5 June 2009 ऑक्सफोर्ड England New Theatre Oxford

6 June 2009 Nottingham England Nottingham Royal Centre

8 June 2009 Glasgow Scotland Clyde Auditorium

9 June 2009 Newcastle England Newcastle City Hall

10 June 2009 Norfolk England Norwich Uea

12 June 2009 Ipswich England Ipswich Regent Theatre

13 June 2009 Cambridge England Cambridge मक्का, मकई Exchange

14 June 2009 Bristol England Colston Hall

16 June 2009 पढ़ना England षट्भुज, षट्कोण Theatre...
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posted by KateKicksAss
We used to go together.
Lookin after each other.
I thought that आप were better,
Look at you.

(Look at आप x3)

You used to be so laid back.
You always kept it so cool, (cool cool cool)
I loved आप cos of all that, thats the truth.

(That's the truth x3)

I don't think आप know where your head is,
I was always there to help आप break the fall.

And now आप wanna pretend that आप a superstar,
And now आप wanna us to end, whats takin आप this far.
Don't tell me that your done as far as we go,
you need to have a sit down with your Ego


When everyone's gone and आप all द्वारा yourself,
You know that आप gonna come...
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...along with Taio Cruz! We're giving आप the chance to reserve tickets for आप and your mates.
The parties are in Glasgow & Edinburgh, Scotland at the end of November.

Listen या log-on to request your passes, but only if आप प्यार music; chart, dance, R&B, urban, electro and the best new tunes along with some old skool classics, as well as fashion, travel and celeb gossip - because that's how we roll! :)

Register for tickets द्वारा clicking the link below. Each ticket will admit आप plus two mates. If you're application is successful we'll contact आप द्वारा phone and entry-wristbands will be sent in the post.


Listen to Galaxy Scotland on 105.7 FM in Edinburgh and the East, on 106.1 FM in Glasgow and the West and online at
The Saturdays’ Daily Q&A – Frankie!
Bringing आप yet और insight into the fabulous world of The Saturdays, every दिन this week we’ll be posting short Q&As from the girls.

Today we find out what’s going down with Frankie as we ask her to complete the following sentences…

I want more…. tattoos!

I want less…. hips

I would प्यार it if… my फ्रेंड्स weren’t at uni anymore!

Can someone tell me why…. when आप want सेब pie it’s all gone!

If only I did not have to….. moisturise everyday.
posted by KateKicksAss
I miss-missing you
I miss-missing you

Where's the pain when आप walk out the door
It doesn't hurt like it used to before
Where's the प्यार that we couldn't ignore
It doesn't kick like a pill anymore
Where's the thrill at the end of our fights
Where's the heat when we turn off the lights
I just miss all the miss that we made
When we still have the passion to hate

I miss missing you, sometimes
I miss hurting आप til आप cry
I miss watching आप as आप try
Try not to end up in tears
Begging to get back together
I just want आप to be
To be stuck in a सेकंड forever
So don't freak out and believe

Sometimes I'm...
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posted by oneshyguy46
 Chasing Lights (2008)
Chasing Lights (2008)
taken from: link

by Elle J Small
22 October 2008

Britain's latest girl group release their debut pop album, following the success of this summer's चोटी, शीर्ष ten hit, If This Is Love. The Saturdays are a feel-good five-piece act, with figures to die for and manicures to match. Of course, they look better than they sing, but hey, what did आप expect? Destiny's Child were clearly a one off.

Infused with heavy helpings of disco, Chasing Lights is a brazen pop album, brimming with catchy hooks, girly melodies and light-hearted, uplifting beats. Sounding like an 80s throwback, the ladies' lead single If This...
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