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 I am SO unimpressed with the movie version deformity.
I am SO unimpressed with the movie version deformity.
This is one of those reviews that you'll probably want to haul out the video and read along so आप don't get lost. It will be बिना सोचे समझे and disjointed. I'm just लेखन what I'm thinking as I think it. This is probably also going to offend....oh, well...just about everyone. This is my personal opinion. आप are entitled to yours, I just may not take it too seriously if आप cannot back up your reasoning. There are only so many things आप can use "well I just like it/hate it" as an excuse. I've been a phan for a LONG time and I've studied the story fairly hardcore. I know EXACTLY why I have most...
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आप पढ़ना this = Happy JH

Happy JH = a JH that won't rant at आप much more.

Tracking Down Different Versions: We had our awesome A/V Club, but that got closed because no one was on it. So…you pretty much brought it on yourself. Anyway, believe it या not, the 1925, 1962, and 1990 फिल्में are available on YouTube: link, link, and link. Also Leroux is online; I already पोस्टेड the link. Look, that’s 4 versions online for FREE! Also, some of the और common versions aren’t that hard to track down if आप know where to look. I got the 1943 version for $2.99 at Fleet Farm. And those things called...
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What Annoys Me About The Phantom of Manhattan द्वारा Frederick Forsyth

All of the Leroux-bashing:

In the Preface, Forsyth repeatedly points out errors in Leroux’s novel, most of which are trivial and pointless (OMG! He कहा the chandelier was heavier than it really was! Shun Leroux!). And he keeps pointing out how Andrew Lloyd Webber “fixed” the errors, which brings me to…

Treating Andrew Lloyd Webber’s version like its perfect and the only “right” one:

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s stage दिखाना isn’t perfect. That being said, some parts of it were better in his version than in Leroux’s,...
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Someone's made a very beautiful slideshow.
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