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 Sad Erik
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Carlotta is writen as a horrid character. She tells rumors and plans schemes to eliminate christine as her competition. I think what is often overlooked is that Carlotta is one of the so many victims of the book. From what is written आप can tell that Carlotta was extremely talented as an opera singer as the book mentions how perfect an instrument her voice was. She had the misfortune to be ill and be replaced द्वारा someone far और loved and adored than herself, that in itself is enough to make anyone mad, take a दिन of sick and your job isnt waiting for आप when आप get back. Not only was she...
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 Erik and Christine.
Erik and Christine.
Hi guys, I'm going to compare the original novel and the stage musical that popularise the former.

The Novel

When I first read the book, I was taken aback about how the story was different from the musical. It starts with Joseph Buquet's mysterious death, which was officially ruled as a suicide.
Raoul was a very unlikable character in the novel unlike the musical counterpart, he is always angry with Christine and his relationship with Philippe, his elder brother was really explosive due to disapproval over his relationship with Christine.
Erik still remains the same and in the novel, he's also...
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Sarah Brightman Phantom of the Opera - TX 2008
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