दी ऑफिस High School Pick: Michael has लॉस्ट all his Money that he Saved up for Collage!! How did he Lose it?

Pick one:
A Pyramid Scheme.
He gave away his Money because he thought he would get a Free Trip.
Casino Night.....I knew that was a Bad Idea.
He tried to Make a Movie(Threat Level Midnight) and he Spent all his Money
He spent it for a दिन with a very High Skilled Paintballer
Toby चुरा लिया his Money
Dwight Robbed him with his Spud Gun
Andy was Mad and he didn't want to पंच the दीवार again so he Mugged Michael
He Declared Bankruptcy so he cut up his Money
Jim tried to do a Prank but it went Terribley Wrong
Since he wasn't going to get into a college anyways, his parent's bought a car.
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He spent all of it on Magic Camp
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He got Jan even bigger boobs
He got Jan even bigger boobs
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