दी ओ सी marissa's death

ashalilly posted on Jul 10, 2014 at 12:14PM
I've just re watched The o.c for the first time since it aired. It was my favourite show back then and i was dreading seeing my favourite character (Marissa) die again.

I don't feel like her death was given enough attention. I almost felt like i needed to grieve for her. I would have appreciated a funeral in the plot, or a photo montage in memory either in the story line or in the credits. Does anyone feel the same way?

Also, the show took a weird twist after that. Series 4 is abstract and comical where as the beauty of the show before Marissa's death, was the drama. That was what made it so enticing. To me anyway. I loved the drama love triangles between Ryan, Marissa and the other suitors and i find the show somewhat boring now that she's gone. I wonder if it was a good choice creatively for the o.c team, or a mistake :s ?!

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