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Many people like to say The NBHD are one of their प्रिय bands but ask them "What's your प्रिय song?" and 99% will answer with "Sweater Weather." Now I know there are people who actually DO know और than just that one song! Personally, my प्रिय song is between "Float" and "Female Robbery".
It just angers me how sometimes people call themselves "fans" but don't know anything but the one song, and that one song was only discovered because it was on the radio. I प्यार The Neighbourhood and I even got to see them live! :D it was amazing, and Jesse can definitely sing live, he sounds the same if not better than the recordings.

Sorry if it looks like I'm complaining, as कहा above for लेख type it is just my opinion, likewise if Sweater Weather is your प्रिय song and it always has been before it was crazy popular, kudos to you.