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 Bobby Brown
Bobby Brown
My eyes are too large. That’s what my dad told me. He कहा my eyes are too large and that makes me look like a pussy. Like a cartoon deer. My eyes…he thinks I’m gay too. He hasn’t कहा it to my face, but I know he thinks I’m gay.

“A damn queer,” he would probably say.

I only joined karate so he wouldn’t think I’m gay. I mean, I’m not, but just telling him that won’t change his mind. I could get Farrah Fawcett pregnant six ways to Sunday and he’d still think I was a fancy gay boy. But karate…that the old man respects.

I hate it though. All the katas, obsessing over fights…Christ....
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
"Hey आप need some help?" आप heard a cute new Jersey accent behind you, आप just moved from Florida to California, आप were unpacking the bags and luggages from your parents car. "I'm ok, nice to meet you," आप turned and saw a cute guy leaning on the gate अगला to you. "I'm Daniel," "I'm um um Myia." आप squeaked out while आप dropped the box in your hand द्वारा accident, "Little shy there?" He teased आप as आप both grinned and he helped आप pick up the box. "Watch this Myia," he kicked the gate open trying to impress you, "Maybe आप could teach me karate one day." "My friend Mr. Miyagi could...
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 कोबरा Kai sensei is taking lessons from a girl
Cobra Kai sensei is taking lessons from a girl
A washed up John Kreese is spotted taking kung fu lessons from a teenage girl in the new comedy web-series, SPAZ FU.

John Kreese, evil sensei of the कोबरा Kai (still easily recognizable after all these years) shows up at the back door of Sam's dojo for a little सलाह on his "Eagle Claw" technique.

Sam is a 15 साल girl so it's already ridiculous, but when she treats him like dirt and leaves him waiting in the alley for his lesson, we are thoroughly entertained. SPAZ FU is a hilarious and original low budget spoof not to be missed द्वारा Karate Kid fans.

Spaz Fu is on the web at,...
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