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posted by olympianglory

Oh boy oh boy! I thought as I took the package. My uprising kit! YES!!!! Tearing it open, I peered insides and saw: a Jackson elimination bomb,a Chase elimination bomb, and a godly bomb. OH YEAH BABY! THIS IS HOW I ROLL!

Olympia sensed something, she had to warn Percy, she loved him, but not romantic love, और like a sister would,she turned and ran back to to Camp Bath-Blood.

Now, back to Tartarus

Hmph, he thought that Olympia girl knows.Eh, oh well shes just one girl, not a goddess या anything.

But he didn't know how wrong he was
I haven't read the first chapter yet


Calm down she told herself as her mind started worring about Percy. What if he doesn't remember me या has another girlfriend? To take her mind of things she started to wander to the main room. Leo had gone overboard with this ship. The Argo 2. Silently she realized what she was thinking. Leo had gone OVERBOARD on this SHIP. In the main room, Jason was playing darts with Piper. She could tell that Jason and Piper liked each other and wondered why the hadn't dated. Suddenly she thought that maybe Jason has a sweetheart at the Roman camp. That explains...
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What a week!!! We've seen the new cover and we've gotten not one, but two new book synopsis'. Talk about information overload! I've sifted and surfed through the book descriptions for you, picking out the juicy bits of yummy goodness. That is to say, I've pulled out clues and I'm bringing my theories about our beloved Camp Halfblood, it's inhabitants, and (my favourite part) the स्ट्रॉबेरी, स्ट्राबेरी fields straight to you. Ok, so there aren't any strawberries, but there are some pretty good ideas....but आप can't eat thoughts, so if you're hungry, go grab a pack of Delphi स्ट्रॉबेरी, स्ट्राबेरी Co. strawberries...
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(HEYYYY umm this is a songfic about the percyxannabeth reunion(: The song really fits. This is a continuation from the mark of athena official chapter 1. Oh and please read the lyrics या listen to it first if आप haven't. Enjoy~)

(Verse 1)
Heart beats fast
Colors and promises
How to be brave
How can I प्यार when I'm afraid
To fall
But watching आप stand alone
All of my doubt
Suddenly goes away somehow

One step closer

I have died everyday
waiting for you
Darlin' don't be afraid
I have loved आप for a
Thousand years
I'll प्यार आप for a
Thousand more

(Verse 2)
Time stands still
beauty in all she is
I will...
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posted by Blaze_of_Ares
Chapter 1
The Quest
Blaze Phoenix

Another son of the big three I say to myself as Jason arced lightning. Rachel shutting her eyes and swooning, I quickly went to catch her along with Jake.
"Child of lightning, beware the earth,
The giants’ revenge the seven shall birth,
The forge and कबूतर shall break the cage,
And death unleash through Hera’s rage”
The worlds echoed out of Rachel’s mouth. We let her go and sat back, watching the drama going on.
“Dude, this is boring, I’m going to get some sleep, see आप tomorrow” I कहा to Jake as I walk away to my cabin. I lied on my बिस्तर and...
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Hello everyone!
Before I start, if you're in the प्रशंसक fiction Percy Jackson thingy I created, than go ahead and begin your FF's!

Now, how many of आप want to be in a प्रशंसक fiction? No, really! I'm making a प्रशंसक fiction with the real demigods/gods/goddesses (AKA us!).

Here's what I need:
Name (First only, real या fake).
Godly parent (I'll think about acepting mortals).
If you're a god/goddess, of what?
Age आप want to be (most will be sixteen).
And any other thing आप want included. I wouldn't mind a विवरण of what आप look like, but it doesn't matter, I can always make one up.


If आप want to be Poseidon, Athena, या Apollo, आप can't anymore. We have enough for each of them now. आप do any other god, though. Thanks!
While being here has been a blast, It has been two years since our पुस्तकें have come to a close. We have left our posts and gone on to have a new adventure with different fandom, school, sports, या even getting an actual life (which I don't have, I envy you). We will always remember this place and how it was always updated 24-7, booming with new people to scream at because we couldn't wait for the अगला book release. There was literally someone ALWAYS on the मंच chat at all hours of the day. We have been through good times, and bad times. We have been with each other through it all, and for...
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posted by olympianglory

It was not on
Olympia's bucket सूची to get stabbed, and then get stranded in some stupid summer camp with an even stupider name. last time she had actually been conscious, she had been on a cruise ship in Bali. But noo, she couldn't have any fun without getting stabbed. Hooray. She crawled into the camp , she knew she needed help but not from them, especially not after last time she had been...Don't think about last time she chided herself,concentrate on surviving.She looked up, and standing before her, a boy with tousled hair and sea green eyes smiled at her, ''Hey, he कहा ,my name's Percy,and everything is gonna be ok.''
posted by ALN07
So I was bored, and I decided to खोजिए 'fangirl' on Dictionary.com (sponser!) and this is what it gave me:

fan·girl [fan-gurl]
noun Informal: Often Disparaging.
an obsessive female fan, especially of something technological या from लोकप्रिय culture: a Web मंच for तारा, स्टार Wars fangirls.

So naturally, I went even further:


The term fangirl can be used to describe a female member of a fandom community (as opposed to the masculine " fanboy"). However, it is most often used in a derogatory sense to describe a girl's obsession with something, most commonly a male teen idol या an aspect of Japanese...
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posted by ALN07
So I found this on Tumblr:

"JEYNA: A juicy, wonderful, marinated स्टेक with our chef, Rick Riordan, holding it two feet above your head and subtly telling आप you'll never get it.
JASPER: A plate of sweet-and-sour chicken with the sweet being made of absolute cuteness and the खट्टा being relationship problems.
FRAZE: An adorable कप केक with your प्रिय animal made of icing giving आप puppy-dog eyes made of icing, until our chef puts a candle in it and "accidentally" sets the entire कप केक on आग when he misses the candle.
LAZEL: A very yummy chicken nugget that आप just ache for और of.
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posted by Jane_Bridges
Ok this is my very first chappie on प्रशंसक Pop so I hope y'all like it!!!


She was running या और specifically she had been running now for eight days the weather of New York was icy and cold she felt like she was going to freeze but that would be better to go home. Then suddenly she ran in to someone. She looked up it was a boy, he had dark hair swept to the side, and his eyes were sea green. He helped her up. "What's your name?" he asked "Mary why who are you?" "I'm Percy." He कहा "What are आप doing here?" Mary would have changed the subject but instead she felt compelled to tell this Percy...
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posted by Jane_Bridges
The gods of Olympus shut off everything, no और demigods are being claimed, The weather in camp half blood is getting worse, and monsters are able to enter camp द्वारा a spy in the camp. Meanwhile Percy is having troubles of his own he just got a new sister right before Olympus shut off. She's determined to save the camp.


I do not own most characters 😞
The story plot is mine😊

Please leave टिप्पणियाँ I प्यार reding your compliments या feed -back 😃
I was bored so I made a crossover story of Jason, Leo, and Piper meeting Sinbad.

(First is Jason's point of view)
It was a normal दिन at Camp Half Blood, Jason was playing बास्केटबाल, बास्केटबॉल, बास्केट बॉल with his best friend Leo when Piper arrived. Jason asked "what's the news?" Leo कहा "I heard a visitor is coming." Piper replied "yes, a visitor is coming and his name is Sinbad." Jason repeated "Sinbad." He heard the name before, and he heard about the famous pirate but never seen him. Leo कहा "your kidding." Piper shook her head, Jason asked "when's he coming?" Piper replied " should be soon, I just hope we don't...
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posted by kkw1700

Well, I saw some of y’all making these, so I thought, what the heck.

(I’m going to pattern this like Festus did)

Some of आप know my name, but I don’t really want to repeat it… So on here I get called Fortune Cookie. My यूज़रनाम comes from my initials and 1700 is just a lucky number, I guess. At school, I’m called Nerd, Pixie Stick, Twig, and a name-related pet name which I won’t say. They call me Pixie Stick and Twig because, for a short-ish 13 yo, I weigh less than eighty pounds even though I don’t eat healthy foods. They can “snap me in half.” It’s probably true,...
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posted by SamValdezLuv
हे people. so ive been wanting to make one of these but i havent had the time but i do now soooo.... Hi!

so My real name is Samantha, but its ugly haha. most of my फ्रेंड्स call me sam, but the girls on my सॉकर team call me Sammy. My dad calls me punk XD

so i just turned 15 a little while ago, but im in 8th grade. weird right? my Parents started me really late, so im really smart for my grade :3 my birthday is July 20th :3 same महीना as JAsons!!!!

so i live in murica, in illinois, the borring state :/ but chicago is fun

My फैन्पॉप यूज़रनाम is pretty basic. Sam, because thats my name, Valdez, cuz...
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posted by Phoenix_Stone
Hi everyone. I thought I'd make one of these too. :P
If आप hate long, rambly articles, शामिल होइए the club, but this लेख will probably be like that as well. So, let's get to it!

My name is... not important because I'm paranoid. xD But everyone that I know online mostly calls me Phoenix या Festus. I get called Hagrid at my school sometimes because I'm so tall.

I just turned 16 years old last month, on the 3rd of March. I live in the UK, so in school I'm in साल 11. I think that's 10th Grade in the US, I'm not sure though. I will start college this September.

My फैन्पॉप यूज़रनाम comes from my Pottermore...
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posted by gwendiamond
Author's p.o.v

Hi, my last copy was a bit bad so here's the better one.
If आप don't like it be honest please. i will try my best to make it good and so I'm happy with it.

Annabeth p.o.v

I woke up one morning, feeling tired. It was no surprise though, since i spent most of last night fighting जानवर in the forest ( Long Story) .
So i forced myself out of बिस्तर to do my chores in my केबिन and get breakfast. With a surprise i saw everyone still sleeping. I walked outside and guess what, it was still dark! I decided since i was awake might as well stay awake. I went around to the Poseidon cabin...
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posted by angeldawna
kk so i know everybody wanted to die after finishing MOA, but then remembered that they couldnt read the अगला one if they did. i know. me too. but if आप think about it, its pretty obvious what happens, या at least easy to draw conclusions. percabeth cant die. nono. RR would die if he did that to us. but somebody has to, maybe nico? hedge? idk but someone important tho. somebody कहा that calypso was coming back and immediatly my "leoissingleandilovehim" lights started flashing. i mean, come on, hes the single, sexy beast, shes the single, depressed goddess. we all see it. but idk how she got freed? i mean, what is this magic? i think we may see some jeyna magic happening what with the percabeth mess and all that jazz, and octavion probably kicking her @$$ in some way, but again, idk. im kinda anti- piper cuz shes annoying, but she did save percy and jason so she earned some respect from me. but idk. post what आप think these are just ideas.
posted by Leos_girl
So I got this idea from minervadawn. Actually, I was told द्वारा minervadawn to write this लोल ;) but I'm going to write a सूची of the seven in ascending order of which I like the most. So, uh, here it goes . . .

7: Frank. I just feel like I know him the least. Im sure if I got to know him better, he would be higher on the list. Possibly. But anyway, although he's brave, he seems a little young, on the inside I mean.

6: Jason. Jason seems to be the best at keeping things hidden inside him. He doesn't really express his feelings, like at all. It's kinda like hes a statue with sad eyes carved into...
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posted by Perseus54321
OK, so this is sort of rated T and if आप are going to throw a fit about it, don't both reading.

"Wake up, Nico!" He flipped over as he was hit with a तकिया and Nico gave a dangerous stare to the demigod peering above him. "Chiron doesn't exactly approve of your habit of sleeping until one everyday when आप could be training."
"Leo, I swear to Hades I will murder आप right now." Nico told him rubbing the sleep out of his dark eyes. "Get out of here while I get dressed!" Leo shrugged and left, closing the black wood door of the Hades केबिन behind him.
He rolled out of बिस्तर and opened his drawer...
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