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posted by The_Exorcist
Whenever I see The Exorcist,I just feel so happy and scared. The Exorcist is one of the best फिल्में in the world.

When I am at school,I turn my head slowly when someone is calling me and look at them in a Regan look. They get scared. I just start laughing. My best friend laughs when I say,"YOUR MOTHER SUCKS COCKS IN HELL,KARRAS,YOU FAITHLESS SLIME!"in a devil voice. I made her throat hurt last Friday.

Father Karras is one of the best actors.He was handsome and kind in The Exorcist. He died in 2001 of a दिल attack.I felt really bad. I wish I could meet, him in real life. I just dreamed of...
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Sometimes when I watch Exorcists movies, I feel like im denying God in a bad way. I feel like he will hate me because im watching a stupid movie that aint even real but the myth is real. I feel soo ashamed when I watch these type of फिल्में but i know, that if I actually think twice God will always प्यार me, NO MATTER WHAT IM WATCHING on that dang tv, because I absolutely प्यार horror and no one/nothing can stop me from watching या being addicted to it. I loved it ever since I was 11 and I still do. Pretty much the फिल्में turn out to be stupid but all i got to say is, what ever ima watch it, because it's just a movie but of course I know the myth will always be real.