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If आप are female,
1.What आप do everyday?
A. Relax
B. Be Responible
C. None of above

2.Which आप प्रिय sport?
B. Running
C.I Hate Sports

3.Favorite Friend?
B.My Wife

If आप are Male,
1.Favorite Neighbor?
A.The Wattersons
B.I don't like the neighbors
C.Gaylord Robinson

2.Favorite classmate?
A. Gumball
B. Richard as a kid
C.My Son

3.Great father?
A.Penny's father
C.Gaylord Robinson

Results for females only,
Most A:Richard is perfect for you,He relax and sleeping

Most B: Penny's father is perfect for you,He Responsile to he's sisters

Most C:Gumball is perfect for you,He his a best friend is Darwin

Results for males only,
Most A:Penny is perfect for you,She May like Gumball

Most B:Nicole is perfect for you,She loves Richard,even He's in unemployed

Most C:Margaret is perfect for you,She's Gaylord wife and her hair is fake in the car
Richard is seen लोडिंग the car while Nicole tells the children to behave for Granny Jojo. Gumball says he doesn't want Granny Jojo to किस him on the cheek, but Nicole says he will let her do it anyway. Gumball सवालों the specialness of getting kissed on the cheek while watching Nicole and Richard drive away quickly to get away from Jojo.
Granny Jojo steps off the bus with her luggage, puts on lipstick in a menacing way, and kisses Anais and Darwin on the cheek. As she gives Anais her bags, Gumball slowly walks over to her for his किस on the cheek. Just then, his name is called, causing...
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Chi ha voglia di sentire una storia che a voi प्रशंसक di gumball farà molto strano sentire. Una storia che ha molto da dire e nascondere vi dirò un bel po su questa storia. Una storia che personalmente ho sentito sulla pelle. Bhe se volete basta rispondermi e io inizierò a narrarvi passo dopo passo. Quindi se siete interessati mettetevi pronti che quando vorrete io vi racconterò tutto. E qualcosa ke ho sentito provato sulla mia pelle. Enn so se a fine storia avrete pietà di me o paura di me. Sarete voi a dirmelo. Comunque questa storia e anche un avvertimento ma n voglio spoilerarvi niente pk sarete voi a dirmi se vorrete sentire la storia ricordate però che io vago in giro per i प्रशंसक club a raccontare questa storia quindi se rifiuterete nn raccontero niente su questo प्रशंसक club sta a voi scegliere io aspetto
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